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Bazooka Shark's Nest

Bazooka Shark's Nest
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The Bazooka Shark's Nest is a weekly event where the aim is to collect as many balls as you can before there are none left, at which point the event is over more or less, although you still have time a little time to spend your collected balls before they disappear.

Bazooka Shark's Nest
Bazooka Shark's Nest

You collect balls by defeating the levels in this event, the difficulty however does ramp up significantly in little time. Another way is to watch ads. The amount of balls that you get for watching ads does decrease the more ads that you watch.

If you collect enough balls during the event for that week you will reach the leaderboard, and depending on where you place you may be eligible for a reward from the game. Check the Leaders tab for your current position.

Bazooka Shark's Nest Battle
Bazooka Shark's Nest Battle

You can spend your collected balls in the market. Once the event is done for the week, if you don't spend your balls they will be gone.

If you are stuck on a level, you can reply already completed levels to gain more balls.

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