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Free Golden Turds

Free Golden Turds
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Everyone playing American Dad! Apocalypse Soon will want to know how to get free golden turds as they are the premium currency in the game and used for things such as speed ups, to purchase buffs such as pets and to just generally make things happen easier and faster in the game.

There are a number of ways to get free golden turds in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon we've listed them below. If we have missed any, please leave a comment and we'll check your tip and add it to our page.

Free Golden Turds

Complete Achievements
Some achievement completion rewards include free golden turds, usually you only get a few, but they all add up to a rather large pile of turd if you make your way through enough achievements.

Open Chests
Some chests will include golden turds.

Complete Quests
Work your way through the quests via the tablet icon, some of the rewards for completion include free golden turds.

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