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Pets Guide

Pets Guide
American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Guide

Pets are available in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon.

There are four pets currently available for the game however at the time of writing only one of the pet's roles is properly defined in the game, and that is Reginald Koala. The other three have a price to purchase, but at the moment, the game does not say what they do.

All Pets
All Pets

Reginald Koala

Reginald Koala
Reginald Koala

This cute Koala will gather resources and complete the training of Rogers while you are playing the game and also while you are away. He does an important job, but it is a premium feature of the game which you have to pay for with golden turds.

You may get a special offer pop up in the game which allows you to try Reginald Koala for a period of time for real money.

The other pets are Man's Best Friend, Simon and Larry and Floyd.

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