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Tricky Levels Guide
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On the map the battles are mostly straight forward, but there are some that may trip people up a little bit, so as we play through the game and unlock levels that we think are a little bit tricky we'll put the details here on this page. If there are any levels that you would like us to cover in our Tricky Level Guide, please let us know.

Top Tip: Remember guys, to read the profile of any opponent that you are having trouble with,. So before the battle when you see all of the characters, tap them, to read up on their strengths and weaknesses and construct your team based on that.

Fight in the Yard

A lot of people seem to be having trouble with Fight in the Yard. It's the fight against the Robot Dog.. To get through this level ideally you need to have the ability to field 4 Rogers, if you are still only able to field 3, then we recommend that you upgrade Roger's Place so can send 4 Roger's into battle. It is doable with 3, as shown in the image below, but if you just don't have the equipment, upgrade Roger's Place so you can field 4 Rogers.

We Deafeated the Robot Dog in Fight in the Yard with One Melee Fighter and one Energy Weapon fighter and one Gunslinger

We Deafeated the Robot Dog in Fight in the Yard with One Melee Fighter and one Energy Weapon fighter and one Gunslinger

Also make sure your Rogers are well trained. Put them in the training room to make sure they are the highest level that they can be currently.

One method to get through this level is to utilise two melee fighters, one healer and one life resurrector. You can also get through with 4 strong melee fighters. It really depends on what you have available to you at the time in terms of equipment.

Life Without Parole

The Life Without Parole map stage is one of the first tricky ones to come up in the game. It unlocks at round 7 of Chimdale Prison.

We got through this level with 3 level 20 Rogers, two at the back and one with a sword at the front. All 3 well equipped with armor and weapons.

Galileo Gaff

Unlocked at level 10 of Collector's Flying Saucer.

How to Defeat Galileo Gaff

How to Defeat Galileo Gaff

If you read the profile of this guy you will see that he is immune to physical damage, so to beat him, you'll need to construct a team that can do energy based damage. Even then, he is not so easy, so you will need to make sure that your energy fighters have the right weapons, accessories and armor, and that they are fully leveled up.

You can try to tackle Galileo Gaff with 4 energy fighters, or 3 fighters and one support. We completed the level with 4 energy fighters at level 30.

Shooting Stars

Unlocked at level 11 of Collector's Flying Saucer.

This level comes directly after Galileo Gaff, and you'll need to swap out your energy team that you just used for something more conventional as the whole team are resistant to energy weapons.

Shooting Stars

Unlocked after level 14 of Collector's Flying Saucer as a Mini Boss.

The Mini Boss on this level is a ranged unit that will do damage to all of your team, if it's minions die they will restore the mini boss's health and upon dying it summons warrior minions.

Despite this being a mini boss level it's not too difficult to complete, we did it with 3 melee fighters and one gunslinger. Defeat this mini boss for a chest with the possibility of some decent equipment.

Phone Home

Unlocked at level 15 of Collector's Flying Saucer.

You'll need a team which is more towards dealing melee damage than gunslingers here, we completed it with 3 melee and one gunslinger.

The Truth is Out There

Unlocked during Collector's Flying Saucer.

This is a particularly tricky level, we completed it using one energy fighter, one melee and two gunslingers. We tried a few other combos before this but they didn't work out so well.

The Summoner's Stage

Unlocked at level 25 of Collector's Flying Saucer.

This is the final boss of the Collector's Flying Saucer stage and is the hardest boss so far.

To beat him we recommend two gunslingers with the best health armor that you have, because he will always aim for the highest health Roger. Then the other two slots should be energy based, one to heal and the other to revive a dead roger, but their health should be below that of the gunslingers so they are not targeted.

If you are unable to beat this boss, then you may need to upgrade your training room, and get your Rogers to a level higher than 30.

This level is a block for a lot of people and the difficulty level ramps up significantly here.

Permanent Leave

Unlocked at Level 9 of CIA Office

Permanent Leave use Gunslingers and maybe one Engineer.

Permanent Leave use Gunslingers and maybe one Engineer.

After completing the Summoner's Stage this is the first map battle that seems to offer some problems. To get past this level we switched our team up a bit and equipped them all with ranged weapons, and got through it with not too much trouble. We also recommend going into the battle with the Target Heal Power.

Spy vs Spy

Mini boss CIA Office

Spy vs Spy CIA Office Mini Boss

Spy vs Spy CIA Office Mini Boss

Spy vs Spy is a ranged unit mini boss that will kill immediately any gunslinger or engineer (a Roger with an energy weapon or healing device), so you are going to have to kill this guy with melee units only. Once you realise this and as long as you have high enough level Rogers with good armor and weapons, the Spy vs Spy level is not too hard to get past.

We actually made it through with those three melee fighters in the image, our engineer was killed as soon as the stage started!

Killer Kerfuffle

The gunslinger in the back is the tricky one here. He took out my engineer/healer in seconds, so probably best to not even go in with one, and select three melee Rogers and one gunslinger and go in with two health restore powers. Our team with one engineer, one gunslinger and two melee did get through actually.

Deadly Force

Boss - Level 14 CIA Office

This is quite a strong boss that when killed for the first time will respawn and spawn gunslingers behind your last man i.e. behind your own gunslinger if you have one. They are not actually that tough and our team of two melee fighters, one engineer and one one gunslinger, all at level 40 with non-legendary items defeated this boss. We took into the battle and used two level 1 health restores as soon and used them as it was possible to use them.

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