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Morning Mimosa Tournament

Morning Mimosa Tournament
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The Morning Mimosa Tournament is a 15 player short tournament run over 5 rounds where you pick opponents and engage them in automated PvP battles. You get points if you win and lose points if you lose. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the 5 rounds wins. There are prizes for down to 9th place.

To participate, level up your selected Rogers and equip them so they are battle ready, because once the tournament has started you cannot increase their level or change their equipment for the duration of the tournament.

You an find the Morning Mimosa Tournament, once it has been unlocked, on the map in the Morning Mimosa building, from there enter the tournament and select your best Rogers for the tournament.

The idea is to finish the tournament with the most points, once you have entered you will see all of the other participants, and the points score you will get if you win the battle. If you tap one of the participants you will also see their strength and the Rogers in their team, so you can evaluate the likelihood of winning.

Here you will the the advantages that more experienced players will have, and also the pay to play players have over the free to play players, as often they will have already unlocked really good equipment.

Tournament Rewards

Place 1st for champagne, chest and 1 tournament ticket

Place 2-3 for champagne and chest

Place 7-9 for champagne

Tournament Rewards

Tournament Rewards

You can also get bonus points for winning a battle with little damage and in a short amount of time.

Tournament rewards are sent to your in-game mailbox.

Morning Mimosa Tips

Select the easiest opponent that gives you the best rewards.

So during the first round the max you can score is 30, so select to fight a team that you can beat quickly, that will ensure that you get the full 30 points. If you take longer to win, the score will be lower. And if you lose, you'll get nothing.

During subsequent rounds, then you need to decide to pick a team that offers more points, but that you can still beat, you don't really want to come out of a round with a loss.

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