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Warpath is a new strategy simulation game from Lilith, the guys behind Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena. Warpath is a strategy simulation base builder where you need to participate in missions, campaigns and events in order to grow and strengthen your base. On this page you'll find some great Warpath cheats and tips to help you get started in the game. For more in-depth information please check out our Warpath guide.

Warpath Cheats and Tips

As a long time player of Lilith's Rise of Kingdoms you can immediately sense the similarities between the two games, although they are two different scenarios, the gameplay and how to progress in the game is really similar.

Here are the best cheats and tips we can think of for Warpath to help you get off to a great start in the game.

Let the Game Guide You

Before your splash all of your resources on stuff you don't really need right away, check out the lists of things to do in both the Chapters and the Missions.

Chapters you will find towards the bottom of the screen, displayed as a Raven with the chapter number. Tap that to discover all of the things you need to do to complete the chapter. With the chapter list to hand, just tap the Go button to be taken to where you need to be to complete that part of the chapter.

Completing chapters and stages of chapters will give you the necessary rewards that you need to develop your base in the early stages.

Also look out for the Notepad icon towards the bottom left of the screen, here you will see all of the missions. As you complete a mission you can then claim the associated reward.

Complete Missions for Rewards
Complete Missions for Rewards

It really is the best way forward, especially in the initial stages of the game to follow these two lists and complete what the game is asking for.

Check Your Game Mail

In your game mail you can find a load of rewards, especially at the beginning of the game. To access your mail, tap the mail icon near the bottom right of the screen. You don't have to read each item, use 'Claim and Mark Read' to quickly get all of your eligible rewards.

Join an Alliance

Always in the base building sims, joining an active alliance is the recommended thing to do. You'll be able to get alliance help, alliance rewards and have support from other members should you need it in the future.


Keep your scout aircraft flying and removing the fog on the map. The scout plane will discover loads of new resource points, free rewards, abandoned buildings and more. Where there is scout related mail, you will have to tap on the mail to go in and complete the action to get the reward, such as search the scouted abandoned warehouse.

Upgrade your Units

It's really important to continue to upgrade your units. However at the beginning of the game don't waste your upgrading resources on units you are not able to use. Early on, you'll be able to create 3 barracks each one can hold one troop unit type, so focus on your best three units that you have unlocked and max them to whatever level you can. Also remember that leveling up units in Warpath also means modifying them and adding equipment to them,

Modify a unit
Modify a unit

You can also increase the strength of your units by using research at the Allied Research Center.


Research is really important in Warpath, it is undertaken at the Allied Research Center. There are two main research paths, industry and military. Industrial based research will affect how you gather and create resources and military based research will affect your units and their strength.

Research industrial and military improvements
Research industrial and military improvements

At the beginning of the game, let the Game Guide you as to which research items you should be getting done. But if at any point research building is not busy, then you should start some kind of research as you should not let that building sit idle.

Unit Assembly

It's possible to merge units of the same type to form a single stronger unit. This is done at the Allied Research Center. It's well worth doing as you can only use a few units at any one time.

Assemble units to create a stronger unit.
Assemble units to create a stronger unit.

Get your free Airdrops

Depending on the level of your command center, you can call for a number of airdrops per day. These will give you all sorts of free resources so don't forget to call in your airdrops that you have available.

Check the Events

Different limited time events will run in Warpath, they are a great way to get a load of free resources without using any energy. Check the events tab to see what is available currently.

You can great rewards by doing well in the Arms Race even which occurs most days, timing when you construct buildings, when you spend your rush tickets on research and production, when you use extra energy to defeat raven troops and bunkers, you can maximise your performance in this event.

Another way to maximise your performance is to complete some of the City Honors research, a lot of this will increase the points you get per completed action in Arms Race. so it's well worth focusing on this research tree.

Out of Energy?

Energy in the game is expended by collecting resources from battles on the map. Sooner or later you will run out of energy. Energy is replenished over time, or you can use emergency energy items.

When you do run out of energy, it's probably a good time to check out what other things you can do in the game that do not require energy, such as the campaigns or events.

Hope you have found there Warpath tips for beginners useful. For more in-depth advice, please see our Warpath guide, or ask a question on our Warpath answers page.


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Warpath FAQs

We have 60 questions and 42 answers for Warpath. View Them

How to get more energy?

If you are attacking raven units or raven bunkers on the map, you'll soon run out of energy if you keep collecting the victory rewards. Energy is replenished in the game slowly at a rate of 1 point per 12 minutes. You can get free energy by using any emergency energy items that you have in stock. Apart from that energy is really hard to come by in the game, and it's natural rate of replenishment is really slow. If you are able to increase you VIP level then you will benefit from an increase in the speed of energy replenishment, for example, at VIP 1, energy replenishment will increase by 5%, and you'll get another 5% increase at VIP level 4.

How to get more energy?

Energy is really hard to come by in Warpath, and is probably the only thing that will hold back players. Energy is used to collect resources from won battles on the map, but is only replenished at a rate of 1 unit per 12 minutes if you are VIP 0, as most will be at the start of the game. So it takes over 1 whole day to get your energy from zero to full. You can use emergency energy items, but you will soon run out of these, then you are left with just spending gold. But the exchange makes this a vey bad deal.

How do I get more reserve units?

Update your barracks. ... + 2 More Answers

What are villages for?

Villages are neutral bases that your alliance can occupy and take over, expanding your alliance's zone. You can build a turret in the village to occupy it and to increase your alliance's flow of alliance points. Also, when alliance members mine resources within alliance territory they will get an extra 25% mining speed and additional alliance crates. Only alliance leaders and officers can build a turret in an alliance village to occupy it.

How to relocate my base?

There are a number of ways to do relocate your base in Warpath. Firstly you can tap your command center then tap the relocate icon, this will pack up your base right where it is and you can then drive it to another location on the map. Another way is to tap an icon called Base Commands, this is located in the top left of the screen under your avatar and under the search icon, it looks like a military insignia. If it is there for you tap it, and see if you can apply for an airdrop, that will basically airdrop your base wherever you want to go on the map. The other way if to get completely defeated by an enemy! That will force your relocation to a random point on the map... Last resort! :)

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