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All players in this kind of game will want to know which is the best unit in Warpath. The best unit in the game is a bit subjective as all have their strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly for the individual player, then best unit in Warpath will depend on your current state of research, the start of your barracks, which officers you have assigned to that unit and which parts and modifications you have applied to a unit.

Before we can make a case for a single best all round unit in the game we should probably take a look at which are the best units for campaigns, raven battles, field battles, base defense and base attacks, then hopefully be able to select which is the best overall unit in Warpath.

Best Unit for Campaigns

Campaigns in Warpath follow pretty much the same pattern for many of the rounds, and you can read up on some great strategies for the best units to take in campaigns in our Campaigns Unit. But if I were to select a single unit as being essential in campaigns, then it would have to be the Infantry. High level infantry will serve as a tanking unit to draw the fire away from your other units if they are correctly placed at the front of your armed forces.
Infantry - Best Unit for Campaigns
Infantry - Best Unit for Campaigns

Stick them in the from and switch on bunker mode for a great defense unit, drawing all of the enemy fire while your other units destroy the enemy. For this strategy to work, you should consider a unit with really high mobility and fire power, which is why I opt for the Rocket Launcher as being my other essential unit that I take into every campaign fight.

Best Unit for Raven Battles

Again, I'll have to go with infantry as being the best unit for Raven battles, they will soak up the majority of the enemy firepower, leaving less need to replace troops as you continue around the map killing raven troops and bunkers. All in all, I think infantry provide the best bang for your bunk in terms of survivability across your whole army when taking on Raven units. They don't have great firepower, so if you can include in your army some units which will take out raven quickly that will make you infantry tanking strategy even better.
Rocket Launchers - Great in Campaigns and against Raven Bunkers
Rocket Launchers - Great in Campaigns and against Raven Bunkers

When attacking Raven bunkers, I'd suggest Howitzers or even better, Rocket Launchers to help with quick kills.

Best Unit for Field Battles

The best unit for field battles would have to be a tank. And which one you choose would be down to how you want to play the game. Do you want to be nimble and move around with precision strikes against the enemy or are you looking for an incredibly strong unit with high armor and firepower.

Definitely not the best unit for field battles are infantry and rocket launchers. It's too easy for other players to target the rocket launchers and kill them, and also too easy for other players to ignore the infantry and target your more higher fire power units.

So, that being said it's really down to you as to which tank you want to pick as your best unit for field battles, but in my opinion, super heavy tanks are too slow, heavy tanks offer great firepower and an acceptable level of speed. But medium tanks and tank hunters, probably offer the best all round mix of firepower, armor and maneuverability. Light tanks generally require a fair deal of interaction for them to be effective, and if you are experienced in the game, then using light tanks in field battles may be a good option for you, but if you get them trapped behind enemy lines, they don't really have enough defense to survive for long.

For more info on field battles, check out our Field Battle Strategy page

Best Unit for Base Defense

If you consider which units will do the most damage to your base, the super heavy and heavy tanks, and the rocket launchers, if someone is crazy enough to send those in! Then you'll want to have in your base defense the appropriate units to destroy quickly those units will will cause your base the most damage.

So for me, when under attack, I'm not interested in having infantry units, they won't do much, but having some strong tank busters and rocket launchers to destroy the enemy that is surrounding my base is important.

When you are up against a number of players however, whatever you put in their will will likely get crushed sooner or later! But at least you'll go down fighting and getting some kill points for you trouble.

Best Unit for Base Attack

While surely others will have reasoned opinions as to which are the best units for base attacks, I'd go for heavy tanks or super heavy tanks, they are durable and offer a lot of power. While the rocket launchers and howitzers will do more damage, they are quite vulnerable to attack. No point in brining infantry to the party in my opinion as the other player will just target the other units.

Best Overall Unit un Warparth

So, after consider all of the categories of best unit in the game, I think the best all round unit in Warpath is the Heavy Tank. Now drilling down into which of the heavy tanks, well that is going to depend on what research you have unlocked, who your best officers are and which level you can assemble your heavy tank to.
Valentine Heavy Tank - Overall Best Unit in Warpath
Valentine Heavy Tank - Overall Best Unit in Warpath

Personally, I've gone with Liberty Camp as my first camp to take units to max so therefore, for me, the best unit in the game is the Valentine Heavy Tank. It's a great all round unit, and will do well in all battle situations. It may not be the best unit in all battle situations, but as all rounders go, the heavy tank is my optimum pick for best unit in Warpath!
Valentine Tank Stats
Valentine Tank Stats

To read up more info on Units in Warpath, check out our Units Guide. And remember, units are not at their best without the correct officers, so check out our Officers Guide too

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