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When you first start the game, parts may seem a bit overwhelming, but luckily for your, our Parts Guide will demystify everything to do with parts and help you figure our how to select and construct the best parts for your units.

Parts are incredibly important for strengthening your units, so make sure that any units that you send into battle are equipped with at least some parts, and always be looking at how you can make better parts for your favorite units.

Getting Blueprints

Before you can make any parts you'll need blueprints! And the only way to get these is to complete campaigns. We recommend that you churn through as many of these campaigns as your level allows. Your participation in campaigns is capped by your level, so you may need to increase your power in order to unlock more campaign levels.

The over great thing about churning through campaigns is that you will increase the number of materials chests you'll receive per hour, and these materials chests are essential in helping you make parts, especially if you need to craft quality materials and superior materials.

So, before you even think about parts, get those campaign missions done!

Materials and Components

The next thing to understand about parts is materials and components, you get components mostly via the component chests that you receive for participating in campaigns. and these components are then used (in conjunction with a blueprint) to construct a part for your unit.

The components are as follows:

Casting Component
Stamping Component
Machining Component
Electronic Component
Light Industry Raw Material
Chemical Raw Material
Precision Component

Some combination, depending on the part, of these materials and components will be used to construct any part.
Materials in Stock
Materials in Stock

Then it gets a little more complicated. As the parts get better, your need to craft quality or superior versions of these parts, you can do this as follows:
Crafting Components
Crafting Components

To construct quality components, tap the basic version of the component and then tap use, you'll then be able to craft one quality component of the same type for every 100 of the basic component that you have.

It's the same for crafting superior components, tap the quality component you want a superior version of and tap the use button, you can make 1 superior component of the same type for every 100 quality components your have.

So taking the above into consideration, crafting superior parts takes an incredible amount of materials and components, most people that are not pay to play will be looking at creating mostly quality parts because of the sheer number of resources you need to create superior parts. However, that being said, as you play through more campaigns, the number of materials chest you receive per hour will increase, and if you are careful you can still save up enough materials to craft a few superior parts. But you'll need to get far enough in the campaigns to have unlocked the blueprints for these superior parts too.

Choosing a Part for a Unit

You should only focus on parts for units that you will be using and upgrading. To begin the process of choosing a part for your unit you can tap the unit then tap the parts sub menu at the bottom, this will then show all of the parts currently on your unit, then you can tap a part and tap switch, you'll then be able to see if you have any parts available in your inventory that you can immediately switch out for an improvement, or tap across to see other compatible parts which you can try to craft.
Selecting Parts
Selecting Parts

If you have the blueprint already you'll see the word Make next to the part, if you don't you'll see the word View, tap that to find out which campaign mission you need to complete in order to unlock the blueprint for that part.

Tapping on the Make button will then take you to another screen which will confirm whether you can now make the part or not, if you don't have enough materials and components, then you'll need to collect or craft more if you have enough you can go ahead and make the part and assign it to your unit.
Crafting Parts
Crafting Parts

The other way to select parts is tap the units button from the main game screen, then tap Blueprints from the menu at the bottom, here you can see all of the blueprints that you have available, tap one of those and you will see which unit type the blueprint is compatible, you can then tap the Make button to see if you have the resources you need to make the item.

Disassemble Parts

You can get more raw materials for parts by disassembling any parts that you don't need. To do this, tap your Production Building and select the disassemble option. Then from the bottom menu, tap Parts Disassembly. Here you can quick select all the parts you are not using in order to get back some resources in order to make the parts you need.
Disassemble Parts
Disassemble Parts

There is a limit to how many parts you can store, so good parts housekeeping is an important part of the game.

We hope that parts is a bit clearer now, and if you still have any questions, head on over to our Warpath Answers page where you can browse through questions about the game, and ask your own.

Check out also our Materials Guide and our Blueprints Guide for further parts related information.

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