AFK Arena

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Hints and tips for AFK Arena

Play the campaign
This may be obvious to some but the quickest way to unlock a team of heroes to work with is to get through s much of the campaign mode as you can quickly. This will also let you unlock the majority of the material in the game and get you some great rewards along the way that will make your game much easier.
You should be able to play through the first 2 stages quickly which will set you up for other modes.

Once you unlock the Bounty Board, which is once you reach stage 3-12, the campaign itself is less important, but keep heading back to complete more when you can. At this point you can concentrate on the Special Areas in the Dark Forest. The most useful is the Arcane Labyrinth, where your goal is to proceed as far as possible within 48 hours before the labyrinth resets and you need to start over. The other locations in the Dark Forest all grant rewards too, so play them all before to returning to the campaign.

Save Gems for heroes
When you start out you will be able to rack up the gems quite quickly. The gems can be use to unlock heroes and we suggest using then to pick up the group deal of 10 heroes from Noble Tevern. This is a better deal and individually and the first time should get you a good rare hero.

There are a lot of heroes available to get in the game, but you can only have a team of 5 playing for you at one time. Your resources for levelling them up are limited so the aim is to focus on the best heroes you've got. Selecting the very best heroes for your team is not simple though and it will depend on how lucky you get when drawing them.

Initially look for and work on the Rare heroes, hopefully before long you will be able to acquire Elite or above heroes to improve your team, these will have better stats. Until then look for the heroes with te best stats for you and use the resources you have to level them.

The Common heroes are mainly worthless in the game. There is not point levelling them up and as soon as you are in a position to not need them you can retire them for the resources they return.

Get Buddies
Buddies are very useful in the game. They can send you hearts which can be used in the shop to get extra heroes. Make a point to find yourself 30 active game buddies and check your list often to update it with new people if they are not sending rewards every day. The more you can focus on this the more chances you get to unlock new and better heroes.

Constant Rewards
The main point of this game is that you can keep recieveing the rewards even when you are not actively playing. Mkae sure yo keep loggin in though to collect them. You can gather them continuously from the Campaign menu by tapping the chest.

Remember also to check your bag every so often as you can accumulate some essential items in there. The hourglasses are the most useful, as they provide you with extra gold. It is a good idea not to use them early on though, the more you wait before using them, the more gold you will earn as the further you progress through the levels, you more you can earn per minute.

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