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Undead World: Hero Survival Beginner’s Guide (part 1)

Undead World: Hero Survival Guide
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Undead World: Hero Survival Beginner’s Guide (part 1)

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In Undead World: Hero Survival, you’ll get to play with a team of heroes and fight through hordes of enemy encounters. Each hero that you get to have on your team fulfills a role, and your main goal is to survive the onslaught that is coming to you. Aside from completing campaign battles, there are a lot of other features that you’ll get to experience, so you might be overwhelmed once it’s provided.

Welcome to our Beginner’s Guide, Part 1! Here, we’ll be providing you with some tips when starting out in the game so you will know what activities you can do as you progress through the campaign. There are some basic steps you’ll need to start off with first, and then slowly you will unlock more features later on. Let us check what you need to first!

Complete the game’s tutorial first

When playing Undead World: Hero Survival for the first time, you’ll be introduced to the game’s tutorial immediately. You should learn about battles work such as the placement of your heroes and their roles, as well as using their ultimate skill. As you progress through the starting stages, you’ll get more heroes which will add to the tutorial.

Learn how battles work, as well as the importance of placing your heroes
Learn how battles work, as well as the importance of placing your heroes

A key thing to remember is that the placement of your hero in battle will likely determine where the enemy will attack. Front lines should have Tanks and Melee characters, and the back line should have your Ranged, AOE, and Support. You will feel the important of formations later on as the game increases in difficulty.

Finish Stage 1 to get all basic features

The first stage of the game’s campaign will feature 12 sub stages in total. As you progress and complete these stages, you’ll be able to unlock the basic features for your gameplay. If you complete stage 1-4, you’ll be unlocking Auto mode and if you complete stage 1-7 you’ll be able to increase the gameplay through the fast forward feature.

Complete Stage 1-1 until Stage 1-12 to get the basic features
Complete Stage 1-1 until Stage 1-12 to get the basic features

You’ll also learn that Support heroes can provide healing in Stage 1-9. Progression in this game will require you to match your current team’s power to your enemies, and you must have at least 1 survivor in the end of a battle in order for you to complete the stage. We’ll have an Unlockables Guide so please make sure to check it out.

Unlock the Cantina and recruit your first Hero

The starting Heroes that you have will be composed of two Epics and the rest are Rares and Commons. Once you have completed Stage 1-12, you’ll be able unlock the Hideout. This menu feature will provide you with other areas in the game that provide you with beneficial features, and one of them is the Cantina.

Unlock the Cantina to recruit another Hero
Unlock the Cantina to recruit another Hero

The Cantina is a place where you get to recruit heroes. You’ll be able to get another here for your first try for free, and they can add increased power to your team. Once you have claimed them, you’ll then learn about resetting heroes in order to get resources back, as well as letting heroes go. This is useful for common heroes that you get to recruit, and it will save you some space.

Strengthen your heroes once you can’t progress

Each stage in the game can only be completed once, and you will need to move forward in order to continue. As stage progression continues, you’ll notice that your enemy power will increase each time you continue through the campaign. As long as you are able to survive with at least 1 hero, then you should be able to complete the stage.

Level Up, Reinforce Equipment, and Ascend
Level Up, Reinforce Equipment, and Ascend

With this in mind, you can play the game until you reach a point where you get defeated. This will mean that it’s time for you to strengthen your heroes in order to keep continuing. There are a variety of ways for you to continue, but you will need to learn the following basics:
  • Level up your Hero: Leveling up will increase their stats as well as power. EXP Drinks are limited, so use them on your strongest heroes.

  • Reinforce your Equipment: Heroes that have equipment with a Rare rating and above can have their items reinforced. You can use other equipment as materials and then strengthen your current equipment.
  • Ascend your Heroes: This can be the tricky part in making your heroes strong. Any duplicates that you have can be combined with your Hero in order for them to get stronger. Therefore, you will want to recruit as much as you can, and then combine them in order to have a stronger team. You will want to combine your Epic heroes and eventually get them to Legendary/Mythic.

  • Clear stage 2-3 and 2-5 to unlock all main menu features

    Once you have completed the first episode, you will need to finish a few stages on the second one in order to continue. Clearing Stage 2-3 will unlock the Instant Rewards feature which lets you get two hours’ worth of Idle Rewards; this is useful since it provides you with materials that can be used to make your heroes stronger.

    Unlock all the main menu features
    Unlock all the main menu features

    Also, once you have completed Stage 2-5, you’ll unlock the Adventure section in this game. This will provide you with different other gameplay modes aside from the campaign that you’ll be able to complete, and they can give you with a variety of rewards.

    From here on out, you’ll be able to continue the campaign and unlock more features from the different sub menus of the game such as the Hideout and Adventure. We’ll be providing you with more tips on what you can do on our Part 2 of our Beginner’s Guide.

    We hope that this page has helped you learned about the basics when starting out in Undead World: Hero Survival. If you have any other questions about the game, feel free to check our Answers Page to see if there is any useful information you can find. Feel free to leave us a comment as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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