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In Undead World: Hero Survival, playing through the game’s campaign mode will provide you with a gradual increase of difficulty since the enemies that you get to face will have increased power. With this, you’ll be aiming to get your heroes stronger by leveling them up, reinforcing their equipment, as well as ascending them.

However, you might be wondering if there are other gameplay modes other than the campaign. This is where the Adventure mode comes in and it unlocks once you have completed stage 2-5. Here, you’ll find different features and one of them is the Zombie Express. Let’s check what you can expect from this game mode.

What is the Zombie Express?

Playing Undead World: Hero Survival will mean that you’ll have to take your heroes through different battles and try your best in order to clear out enemies. However, what if the enemies don’t stop coming and they get stronger and stronger? Do you want to know the limits that your team can accomplish?

The Zombie Express is a mode in the Adventure section that lets you test your team’s strengths versus an infinite wave of enemies. Within the given time period, you’ll either have to survive the onslaught, or get wiped out. Your main goal is to deal as much damage as possible, and increase your tier in order to get good rewards.

Defeat enemies non stop and earn a high score
Defeat enemies non stop and earn a high score

This mode happens on top of a train, and zombies will come in hordes. For each enemy that you defeat, the higher the difficulty becomes. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where there’s hordes you won’t be able to defeat you might not survive, or perhaps you will run out of time. More points are earned depending on how much enemies you have killed, and you can get bonus points for doing critical damage through headshots and overkills.

Zombie Express Rewards

You can play the Zombie Express as much as you want, however the rewards are limited once a day. At the end of the season for the Zombie Express, you’ll be provided with extra rewards based on your current tier as well as your overall rank in the server. You can expect the following items from the Zombie Express:

Daily Reward
Zombie Express Reward Box
Tier Reward
Energy Drink
Rank Reward
Energy Drink

Play once a day to get your Daily Reward
Play once a day to get your Daily Reward

The Zombie Express Reward box contains various items such as Gold Boxes. This can be received once a day for playing the mode. You can still play the Zombie Express however and try to aim for a higher score record in order to increase your tier. Tier and Rank rewards on the other hand will have Energy Drinks that will increase in number based on your tier and ranking.

Aim for a higher score to increase your tier and rank for more Energy Drinks
Aim for a higher score to increase your tier and rank for more Energy Drinks

Playing the Zombie Express daily can help you build up the rewards that will be beneficial for leveling up your heroes since these items are needed in order to increase their level caps. Completing this mode will also help you with your daily quests.

This concludes our page regarding the Zombie Express in Undead World: Hero Survival. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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