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Prepare a balanced team composition
In Undead World: Hero Survival, you can have up to 5 heroes in your party during a fight. Each hero has a designated role that’s available, and you can either have a Tank, Melee, Ranged, AOE, and Support character. In order to progress through the game’s story, you will need to have a balanced team.

Having 1-2 tanks and 1-2 supports will help you survive an onslaught of attacks. This can be a general guideline for a lot of stages and then the rest will be mixed in with your damage dealers such as melee, ranged, and AOE. You should also take into consideration how much enemies you are up against. If the enemies are a lot, then having tanks and support is a must. But if the enemies are few, you can adjust it accordingly and add more DPS.

Focus on your Epic heroes
Whenever you recruit a Hero, you can usually get Commons and Rares. However, you will also get the chance to get Epic characters. These are the same ranks as your starter heroes such as Conor and Cady. Once you are able to get more of them, you can ascend them in order to make them stronger.

Eventually, you’ll be able to get Legendary and Mythic heroes. These are your end-game goals, so you will want to focus on the characters you want. Resources for leveling up and reinforcing must be used for these characters, since they will help complete stages for you.

Check on your Faction Bonus
Each hero in the game belongs to a specific faction. Whenever heroes of the same faction are grouped together, then they get a huge bonus on their HP and Attack Power. You can check the Faction Bonuses by tapping on the Hexagon icon on the left side of your team power.

You should see that bonuses are provided starting from 3 heroes of the same faction, but you will get the highest benefit when 5 heroes are from the same faction. Take note that Altered and Gungnir factions will get bonuses if paired with any factions as well.

Redeem your Coupon Codes as soon as you can
For players of the game in Android devices, you can claim coupon codes by going to the game’s Coupon redeem section. Tap on your profile photo on the upper left side of the main screen, and then go to the settings tab. From there, tap on the Redeem button under Coupons.

You can find Coupons online for the game, and we’ll have a list as well on our guide. The coupons can provide you with important items, such as Diamonds. You will want to redeem them as soon as you can, since there are times where some coupons will expire. Unfortunately, there isn’t a coupon feature for Apple devices yet.

Reinforce your Equipment
Once you progress to later stages in the game, the leap in your enemy’s power can be a little bit too much. Aside from leveling up your heroes, you might have a hard time maxing their level caps due to resources that you may lack.
Another way for you to make your heroes strong is my reinforcing your equipment. Items that are Rare and above can be reinforced. If you tap on an equipment, you can find a reinforce button. This will let you use other equipment as materials in order to make them stronger. This will increase your hero’s stats and make them stronger.

Save your Diamonds for recruiting
An important way for you to progress in the game is by getting strong heroes. Epic heroes will need multiple copies in order for them to ascend to Legendary/Mythic so you will want to summon as much as you can. When recruiting, always choose the 2,700 pulls instead of the individual ones since this will be cheaper.

You can get Diamonds from leveling up your account, doing quests, and you can even gain Diamonds from completing the Hero Index. If there’s a red exclamation mark icon on the Hero Index then it means you can tap on a profile of a hero and claim a reward.

Do your Daily, Weekly, and Main Quests
A lot of important items that you can get is by completing your daily, weekly, and main quests. As you progress through the game’s campaign mode, you will be able to unlock these quests which can provide you with rewards. Some of these rewards are recruit tickets, as well as Diamonds which will help you in recruiting.

Main Quests on the other hand are tied to the activities that you do in your game, and it will serve as a reward system for your progression. You can get rewards for completing story stages such as a lot of Diamonds, Energy Drinks, EXP Drinks, and Gold. All of these are important in making your heroes stronger.

Check the News & Event Section
You get to unlock more features in the game as you complete the earlier stages, and one of these is the News & Event section that you’ll find on the left side of the screen. Some events here provide you with items such as Diamonds, and there are other events that are happening for a limited time period in order to provide you with items.

Any item that you can get for free will definitely help in your progression. Try to progress to the second episode and clear the stages in order for you to unlock more menu items. New players also get special events as well that will provide good starting items.

Get your free packs from the Shop
There are different packages you can find in the shop such as daily, weekly, and monthly items. The game provides you with free redeems here, so check the shop whenever you find a red exclamation mark icon.

Once you open the shop, there will be different buttons on the bottom that you can press. You should be able to find these free bundles on the Packs section. This is a good way for you to save up on Diamonds for recruiting.

Progress through the Campaign to unlock all features
A lot of the features in the game are locked until you complete a specific stage in the game’s campaign mode. In order to get stronger, you will want to unlock features from the Hideout as well as the Adventure section. When starting out, try maxing out your Epic hero’s levels, as well as reinforcing their equipment in order for you to progress with the story.

Eventually, you will need stronger heroes, which is why saving up on Diamonds is a must in order for you to recruit more heroes. Focus on 5 specific heroes for your team, and use them for progression. Any other hero that you won’t use anymore can be reset through the Harbor in the Hideout so you can get materials back that you have used to level them up.

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