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In Undead World: Hero Survival, playing through the game’s campaign mode will provide you with a gradual increase of difficulty since the enemies that you get to face will have increased power. With this, you’ll be aiming to get your heroes stronger by leveling them up, reinforcing their equipment, as well as ascending them.

However, you might be wondering if there are other gameplay modes other than the campaign. This is where the Adventure mode comes in and it unlocks once you have completed stage 2-5. Here, you’ll find different features and one of them is the Arena. Let’s check what you can expect from this game mode.

What is the Arena?

Whenever you are focusing with your team to win battles, you’ll want to know if your current group of heroes can stand out when fighting other players in the game. Upon completing Stage 4-20 in the campaign mode, you’ll be able to access the Arena. This feature lets you fight other players with your team, and you’ll get to challenge others of a similar rank.

Fight versus other players to get rewards
Fight versus other players to get rewards

In order to fight, you’ll have to use an Arena ticket. You will fight opponents and earn points after in order to get higher tiers. As you progress through the arena, your opponents will get more challenging since their rank will try to match yours. Take note that you can battle twice a day for free, then you can battle a total of 20 times in a day.

Some players might be defeated easily if they have weaker power, but you will want to challenge those with higher ones since they can provide you with more points. Not only do you get to increase your tier and rank, but you’ll be provided with rewards.

Arena Rewards

Completing an Arena battle will provide you with a Victory Reward, and this provides you with Energy Drinks. It’s important to get these since later levels in the game will get require higher level caps, so you will want to max out claiming this resource.

There are also Daily rewards and Seasonal rewards. These can provide you with Diamonds, which is a very important currency, so check the rewards button to see how much time is left before you can claim them. Once you reach higher tiers, you’ll be able to get more Diamonds, and you will eventually get Arena Coins for the Caravan.

Participating in the Arena daily will help you get items you need to make your heroes stronger, soon enough you’ll be able to save up the Diamonds you can acquire from here, and it can help you recruit heroes for more chances of getting Epic ones.

This concludes our page regarding the Arena in Undead World: Hero Survival. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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