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In Undead World: Hero Survival, playing through the game’s campaign mode will provide you with a gradual increase of difficulty since the enemies that you get to face will have increased power. With this, you’ll be aiming to get your heroes stronger by leveling them up, reinforcing their equipment, as well as ascending them.

However, you might be wondering if there are other gameplay modes other than the campaign. This is where the Adventure mode comes in and it unlocks once you have completed stage 2-5. Here, you’ll find different features and one of them is Midtown. Let’s check what you can expect from this game mode.

What is Midtown?

Once you have completed Stage 2-9 in the game’s campaign, you’ll be able to gain access to Midtown. This game mode combines different elements of battles, puzzles, as well as rescues. When playing through this game mode, you’ll have to guide your heroes through a terrain and battle enemies up ahead, as well as rescue heroes to add to your squad. When entering, you have 48 hours to complete your objective.

Complete the areas through battles, rescues, and boss fights
Complete the areas through battles, rescues, and boss fights

Towards the end of the area, you’ll find a Boss that can be encountered. In order to reach the boss, you’ll have to battle enemies or rescue survivors in order to move your character and then fill up the progression bar, or you can clear the shortest path to reach them. You have the option to choose your battles, so be careful.

Each battle, rescue, or item use that you perform will let you move forward through the tiles. Once you have a tile that has been highlighted, you can backtrack to the path by tapping on them. This way, you can backtrack if you want to fight a certain enemy. Take note however, that you cannot fight all battles here since there’s a limit that’s shown at a percentage bar at the top.

Complete the progression bar before you reach the Boss of the area
Complete the progression bar before you reach the Boss of the area

Once the progression bar reaches 90%, you can get to have 1 more battle before you will go straight to the boss. 10% is added for every battle you finish, and 5% is added for other tasks such as rescues. Once the boss has been defeated, the Area will be cleared. You will then have to go to the next area and complete 3 areas total.

Battles, Rescues, Items, Tactics, and the Shop

In order to make your character move, you’ll either need to tap on a Zombie on the field in order to fight them, or perhaps tap on the people in order to rescue survivors. Depending on your choice, you’ll either do a fight or perhaps you’ll get to rescue heroes that have high levels and power in order to add to your Squad.

  • Battles: Throughout the field in Midtown, you can experience Normal Battles and Elite Battles which have varying difficulties. Blue Zombies will resemble normal fights while Red Zombies will resemble Elite fights. You will then face a Boss Battle at the end of the room.

  • Rescues: There will be people on the field as well that need to be rescued. By tapping on them, you’ll be able to choose a hero that you can temporarily add to your Squad. They have high power which lets you get good damage from them if one of your own heroes fall during battle. In later stages, you can find wandering survivors which need to be controlled since they are berserk.
  • Items: There will be times where you’ll take damage or perhaps a hero will fall from battle. Items can appear on the field in order for you to use it such as Medkits for healing or perhaps an AED for reviving one hero.

  • Tactics: Tactics are buffs that you can obtain after you clear an objective such as defeating enemies. You can have a variation of buffs available so choose any that will suit to your liking.

  • Shop: The Shop that you’ll find in Midtown will use Diamonds as a currency, however this is a place where you can find epic items that can help with making your heroes stronger.

  • Midtown Rewards

    When clearing the field, you’ll have to defeat enemies and rescue survivors. The rewards that you can get are Gold, EXP Drink, Midtown Coins. Since you have 48 hours for exploration of Midtown before it resets, you’ll want to clear this mode. Midtown Coins can be used at the Caravan’s specialty store. If you want to get most rewards, make sure to fight all enemies that you can.

    Boss fights on the other hand, not only provide those rewards, but you also get additional Midtown Pass Points as well as Diamonds. Completing the area will provide an Area Boss reward as well which can have recruitment pamphlets, gold, and energy drinks.

    Midtown Rewards
    Midtown Rewards

    Completing Midtown as much as possible will provide you with good rewards in the long run. Getting items that can help level up your heroes, as well as Midtown Coins for the Caravan will let you gain very good items that can help you clear out the game’s content, so make sure to check this feature daily.

    This concludes our page regarding Midtown in Undead World: Hero Survival. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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