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If you live in a world ridden with the Undead, your chances of survival will be better if you’re with a group of people that can help each other. In the story of Undead World: Hero Survival, the different characters that you’ll get to collect all belong to a specific group.

In this page, we’ll be checking more about Factions. These are the different groups that are available in the game, and they have some special bonuses in terms of gameplay. Let’s see what elements you’ll find with the factions that are available.

What are Factions?

So, what are factions exactly? In Undead World: Hero Survival, every character that you can recruit will belong to a specific faction as part of the game’s lore. Some heroes believe in justice, while some enjoy the chaos that ensues. Those who have similar mindsets and ideals prefer to be grouped together.

Factions are resembled through different icons that you’ll find in each hero’s profile. There are 5 factions that are available, therefore you can have a mix and match of hero teams from different factions. Here is the list of the ones available in the game, as well as their profiles:

Faction Guide
A friendly and welcoming faction that is open to all. They believe all humans deserve at least a first chance.
Faction Guide
Sugar Reapers
The people drawn to this faction seem to thrive in a world full of monsters. They are ruthless and dangerous. If they spot you, you better run for your life.
Faction Guide
Blue Banshees
A rag-tag team of roaming misfits just trying to make it in the Undead World. They survive by scavenging and occasionally stealing. At the end of the day, they'tre decent people just trying to survive.
Faction Guide
The last remaining city is surprisingly populous and well-defended. Led by the Matriarch, they are loyal only to each other and rarely trust outsiders. They have placed high walls all around the city to shield themselves from the outside world.
Faction Guide
This corporation has been involved in epxerimenting with the zombie virus. They are well-fed and clean… maybe they have a base somewhere?
Faction Guide
A group of mysterious zombie-human hybrids led by Helen. They seem to be able to connect to their undead side when the need arises. It's best to be nice to them' you don't want to make them angry.

Faction Bonuses

Now that you know which factions are available in the game, you might be wondering what the purpose of being in a faction is. Well, whenever you battle, you’ll want to have as much HP and Attack Power as you can in order to succeed in a stage. This is one of the bonuses that faction can provide for you.

Before battling, you’ll be able to tap on the hexagon icon beside your team’s power. This is where you’ll find the different faction bonuses that are available. Your increase in HP and Attack Power will depend on the combination of faction members that you have. Here is the list of combinations available as well as their bonuses:

Faction Combination
HP Bonus Increase
Atk Power Bonus Increase
3 Heroes from the Same Faction
HP: 5%
Atk Power: 5%
3 Heroes from the Same Faction and 2 Heroes form a Different Faction
Hp: 10%
Atk Power: 10%
4 Heroes from the Same Faction
HP: 15%
Atk Power: 15%
5 Heroes from the Same Faction
Hp: 20%
Atk Power: 20%

IMPORTANT: Heroes from the factions Altered and Gungnir can be added to any factions for faction bonuses

Faction Advantage

There are also other elements available in terms of factions. You might notice that some battles in the game let you fight versus other humans as well. This can also happen in other game modes. In order to get the best damage capability possible, you’ll want to take note of your Faction Advantage.

Factions have strengths versus another faction, and you can get an increased damage bonus of 20% if you are using a hero that has the advantage versus the faction of an opponent. The faction advantage follows this format

  • Collegium > Sugar Reapers
  • Sugar Reapers > Blue Banshees
  • Blue Banshees > Hive
  • Hive > Collegium
  • Gungnir > < Altered

    Faction Advantage Bonuses
    Faction Advantage Bonuses

    Knowing the bonuses, strengths, and weaknesses of factions will help you progress in the game’s different features. We hope that this faction guide has helped you learn more about this system. Different heroes get added as the game gets updated, and they’ll each belong to a faction as well.

    If you have more questions regarding the game, feel free to check our Answers Page for useful information. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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