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Unlockables Guide

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Playing through different games can provide you with a lot of features that can be overwhelming to deal with. Some games suddenly give you a lot of functions that you’ll have to learn, and this might get confusing. In Undead World: Hero Survival, you’re provided with features that are gradually introduced to you. This way, you’ll get to have some time to learn the different features that are available.

Welcome to our Unlockables guide, in this page we’ll be providing you with information on how to unlock the different features in the game, as well as the different types of gameplay elements that you can expect.

How to Unlock Features

In Undead World: Hero Survival, progressing through the game’s campaign mode will let you unlock different features in the game. You’ll be able to see on your game’s main screen that there are locked features such as the Hideout as well as Adventure mode. As you reach higher stages, you’ll be provided with these features as well as some tutorials in order for you to learn more.

Progress through the campaign to unlock more features
Progress through the campaign to unlock more features

As you complete more stages, higher difficulties are to be expected. If you want to unlock all features that are available in the game, you’ll have to strengthen your team by increasing their overall power. So try to play through the different episodes in order for you to move forward.

Unlockables List

Now that you have an idea on how the different features ate unlocked, we have compiled the features that you can expect in this game. We have arranged the features by gameplay functions, as well as the separate features that you can expect from the Hideout as well as the Adventure mode.

Note: This table shall be updated once we get more information

Stage required
Auto Battle
Stage 1-3
Fast Forward
Stage 1-7
Idle Rewards
Stage 1-12
Stage 2-1
Instant Rewards
Stage 2-3
Stage 6-15
Equip Slot 1
Stage 6-20
Equip Slot 2
Stage 9-30
Stage 1-12
Stage 1-12
Stage 1-12
Command Center
Stage 1-12
Stage 1-12
Stage 2-15
Stage 3-20
Stage 4-5
Guard Tower
Stage 5-10
Stage 6-20
Stage 2-5
Zombie Express
Stage 2-5
Stage 2-9
Stage 3-14
Stage 4-10
Stage 4-20

As you reach the later stages, you should be able to get all available features that this game can provide for you. We’ll be creating pages for the different available features, so please make sure to check our guide. Progressing through the different episodes will require you to have a strong team, so make sure to follow the tutorial and level up your heroes.

This concludes our page for our unlockables guide. If you have more questions regarding the game, feel free to check our Answers Page for useful information. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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