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Special Buildings

Special Buildings
Special Buildings

What are special buildings that you find in the store? If you open up the stoe and check the lower right side, you'll see this section.These are special community buildings that have a different function aside from increasing your town's Population. Here are the different functions of the special buildings:

! Special Building
! Function
| House of Luck
| A Building that lets you get prizes, try things with your luck to see what you’ll get.
| City Market
| Allows you to purchase items that you may need for construction, or other purposes. You can also ask help from someone to find an item for you.
| Foundry
| If you find any ores from mining, you can use this Building to smelt them into ingots.
| Academy of Industry
| With the ingots that you’ve obtained from mining, you can then make improvements to your other facilities such as your factories, Train, and even islands.
| Central Museum
| Any treasures that you get from mining or collections from the sea can be stored here. Once you’ve collected specific treasures, you’ll get Township Cash.
| Tool Exchange
| Some equipment that you’ll need at later levels will appear in this area. If you cannot find the construction material you need, check this section first.


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