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Learn the Type Match ups
In Soul Guardian, each creature that you can capture can have 1 or 2 elemental types available. Each element in the game has weaknesses such as Fire being weak to Water. By knowing the type match up, you can use the proper move versus your opponent, or you can be defensive as well.

Dual types can have up to x4 weaknesses if you know the matchup. For example, Ground and Rock types are weak both weak to Water. You can check our Type Effectiveness Guide to see which ones are super effective, resisting, not very effective and immune for the moves available.

Get the Watering can in Viridian City
You will notice that there are different areas where you can find berries on soil. After picking these up, you can plant new berries in order to grow a new batch. This will require you to water them, and you can get the Watering Can from Shauna in Viridian City, on the upper-right side.

Alternatively, you can get a Watering Can once you reach level 25. Check the Benefits section and look for the level up reward, this includes a Watering Can for you to use.

Swap out your Lead Partner
If you notice that areas in the game have trainers using specific types, then swapping your lead can help you have the type advantage. For example, the first Gym will have a lot of Bug types that you can find. Having leads such as Rock, Flying, and Fire can help you gain the advantage.

In order to swap the lead, open your computer and look at your team. You can hold and icon of your preferred partner and place them on the very left side. This will make them the new lead in battle.

Increase the power of your team
Leveling up your team lineup can only be attained based on your current account power level. Once they have reached this cap, you will need to find other ways to make them stronger. You can evolve them if you have the evolution stones needed.

Other methods you can do is to increase their Effort Values, Individual Values, Rank them Up, and use the Star Up. You can find all of these features in your computer by checking each partner that you have.

Complete Main Story Quests and Daily Quests
It can be tempting to go out exploring on your own to catch different creatures and fight NPCs. However, it’s important for you to complete main story quests and daily quests. These provide you with Account EXP which will increase your Account Level.

Your team members can only level up to your account level. Also, a lot of features in the game such as the Adventure and Challenge modes have features that are level locked. If you miss out on your Main Story and Daily Quests, then you won’t progress much.

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