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In the world of Soul Guardian, you’ll start of your journey from your house and then explore the world. Once you have obtained your partner, you’ll go on your way in order to acquire various members for your team, strengthen them, and level them up as they accompany you to different locations.

Not only do you get to visit different towns, but you will need to catch a lot in order to help fill out your dex. In this page, we’ll be checking out the Map Feature as well as its different functions. This will help you navigate your way across different areas, and perhaps you can catch new partners.

How can access the Map?

When starting out your journey in Soul Guardian, you’ll be exploring Pallet Town and then make your way through different locations as you play through the game’s main story. One of the useful way for you to navigate around is by using the map that’s available on the main screen.

Tap the Map on the circle to open the interface

Tap the Map on the circle to open the interface

In order to access the Map, you can tap on the mini-map that’s on the circle on the upper-right side of your user interface. The mini-map can be too crowded in order for you to see everything, so having a detailed view will definitely help you learn more about the area.

World Map

The World Map will provide you with a view of the region, as well as the different towns, landmarks, wild areas, gyms, and featured legendaries living in the local area. When starting out, you’ll find that you’ll start off in Pallet Town. You will then have to manually move to the new areas, and this can be done as you complete the game’s main story.

You can use the Fly feature on areas you have visited already

You can use the Fly feature on areas you have visited already

One of the features of the World Map is that you can tap on each location and view more details about them. If you have visited an area, you’ll gain the capability of transportation through flying. For example, if you are in Viridian City, tap on Pallet Town in order for you to use the transport feature to get there fast.

Regional Map

The Regional Map on the other hand, provides you with more details of a specific location. This includes the pathways connecting to other locations, different landmarks and facilities, as well as the list of what you can catch n that given area.

You’ll see that there are different grass areas, and some locations have water spots that you can fish on. As you catch, you can complete a progress bar and claim a reward if you complete catching everything in the area. This can take some time however, since some will only appear if you have better rods for example for water types.

Check the grass to see which ones you can catch

Check the grass to see which ones you can catch

Tapping on the grass can also let you look at which ones you can catch. Once you have captured them, their icons will be colored on your map, therefore it can be a good place to use as a checklist. Check your map every so often if your aim is to catch them all.

This concludes our page for the World Map in Soul Guardian. We hope that this helps you in your gameplay, there are a lot of other features as well that you’ll find so don’t forget to continue with your game’s progress.

If you have any other questions, you can head to our Answers Page and check if there’s any information there that will be useful for you. Please feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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