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Since Soul Guardian is an online game, you’ll get to experience this world with other players as well. You can have interactions with them, as well as chat in order to make new friends, or even rivals. With the different teams you can make, you might wonder if there’s a mode that can let you challenge other people.

In this page, we’ll be checking out the Arena feature in Soul Guardian. This competitive mode will help you earn rewards that are useful for your journey. Let’s check the various feature you can expect when going to the arena.

What is the Arena?

Arena is one of the modes that you’ll be able to use in the Adventure section of the game. In this mode, you’ll be able to set up an Attack Lineup as well as a Defense Lineup composing of 6 members for your team. You get to have 5 challenge attempts daily (more arena tickets can be acquired by purchasing through Diamonds), and you can challenge the trainers that are listed on your screen.

Challenge the teams of other players in the game and aim to win battles

Challenge the teams of other players in the game and aim to win battles

You will want to challenge players that have a similar power level as you in order for you to maximize the chances of winning. If you want, you can also refresh the enemy list, but this will have a 30-minute cooldown timer.

When you battle other players, you’ll be using your Attack Lineup. Any other trainer who challenges you will be matched against your Defense Lineup. You have the option to use Auto Battle during fights, but you can also do it manually. Your main goal is to defeat the other trainer in order to acquire challenge points.

Defeat your opponent's team to win

Defeat your opponent's team to win

Arena Rewards

So, what are the rewards for completing the Arena? For every match that you complete, you get to acquire Challenge Points which will determine your ranking. Each battle that you win will also provide you with Arena Coins which you can use at the Arena Shop.

Your ranking will determine your rewards as well that you can obtain from Division Rewards as well as Season Rewards. Division Rewards will provide you with Gold and Diamonds based on the rank you have unlocked so far, while Season Rewards provide you with a Daily Reward composed of Gold, Diamonds, and Arena Coins. Monthly Rewards on the other hand provide you with Diamond, Arena Coins, and Effort Values Random Pack.

Win challenges to get Challenge Points and Arena Coins

Win challenges to get Challenge Points and Arena Coins

If your aim is to evolve your partners and strengthen them, then acquiring the rewards will definitely help you out. Make sure to check the Arena Shop as well in order to find useful items such as evolution stones, held items, and effort points.

This concludes our page for the Arena Feature in Soul Guardian. We hope that this helps you in your gameplay, there are a lot of other features as well that you’ll find so don’t forget to continue with your game’s progress.

If you have any other questions, you can head to our Answers Page and check if there’s any information there that will be useful for you. Please feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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