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Benefits Guide
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Being able to acquire free items can definitely help in your journey in Soul Guardian. When playing through the game, you’ll be able to unlock different features that you can explore. One of the early features provided for you when starting out are Benefits.

In this page, we’ll be checking out the various Benefits you’ll be able to find. Checking these often will definitely help in your progress if you want to become stronger. So, let’s check what you can expect when opening the Benefits section.

What are Benefits?

One you have completed the game’s early tutorial section; you’ll be provided with various buttons that you can press on the upper side of the screen. One of the features that you’ll find here are Benefits. This section is a place that you can check in order to acquire Freebies based on the action that you do.

Claim various useful rewards from Benefits

Claim various useful rewards from Benefits

Benefits can provide you with various items for doing tasks such as logging in, but there are also rewards you can acquire from completing specific requirements. The items that you can get can help out on your journey since they can provide you with features, or even strong team members.

Benefit Types

Now that you know what Benefits can provide, you might wonder what kinds of benefits there are. There are 5 types of Benefits you can claim, and they provide you with the following bonuses:

Continuous Login: Login for a total of 8 Days, and you’ll be able to get a reward each day. You can get useful items such as the fishing rod, as well as team members on your second and eighth day.

  • Invite Friends: Send out invite codes to friends, and receive rewards whenever they reach level milestones or if they recharge diamonds. You can get useful items such as Gacha Coins, Balls, Diamonds, and Gift packages.

  • Level Up: Get rewards whenever you reach level Milestones. You can acquire Diamonds, Healing Items, Gift Packages, Balls, Gold Leaves, Safari Tickets, Better Fishing Rods, and more.

  • Claim Energy: Get free Energy from specific time periods in the server’s time. You can use this energy in the Dynamax Adventures mode.

  • Daily Sign-in: Acquire rewards each day for up to 28 days in a month, a reward is given out daily and they can provide you with useful items for your journey.

    Being able to get all of these free items will definitely help you in your progression. Soon enough, you’ll want to catch stronger members for your team, and you might fight stronger enemies along the way as well. Having these benefits will be useful, and they’re free.

    This concludes our page for the Benefits Guide in Soul Guardian. We hope that this helps you in your gameplay, there are a lot of other features as well that you’ll find so don’t forget to continue with your game’s progress.

    If you have any other questions, you can head to our Answers Page and check if there’s any information there that will be useful for you. Please feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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