Soul Land:Advent of the Gods

Soul Land: Advent of the Gods Beginner’s Guide (Part 2)

Soul Land: Advent of the Gods Beginner’s Guide (Part 2)
Soul Land:Advent of the Gods Guide

Once you have unlocked all of the main menu features in Soul World: Advent of the Gods, you’ll have to progress through the game’s story as well as play through the new features that you’ll be unlocking. Now, there might be more activities for you to do in order to establish your routine, but we’re here to help.

Welcome to our Part 2 of our Beginner’s Guide. Here, we’ll provide you with tidbits of information that you can check, as well as the things you’ll be able to do in order to get some valuable resources. If you want to be able to complete a lot of features, then learning about the gameplay is important as well as learning how to get valuable resources Let us check the different things you can expect!

Learn to position your Lineup

Your Lineup will consist of the members of your team, as well as their respective positions. As you can see, there are three rows where you can place your characters such as the front, middle, and back row. This will correspond to the types of Spirit Masters that you can place. As such, here are some recommendations for you to place your Spirit Masters as follows:

  • Front Row: Tank,
  • Middle Row: Single ATK, Group ATK
  • Back Row: Assist, Control

    Lineup positions
    Lineup positions

    This will help you maximize the advantages of each Spirit Master that you have since they have their specialties in terms of gameplay such as tanking, dealing damage, healing, etc. With the proper positioning, you will increase the chances of surviving during battles.

  • Hunt Spirit Beasts to get your first set of Spirit Rings

    Once you have enough characters in your team, you’ll want to increase your BR by providing them with Spirit Rings. You can unlock the Training Feature which will let you get access to the Spirit Beast Hunt. When beginning you can hunt beasts that can provide you with bonuses as follows:

  • Cockatrice: Increases ATK at the beginning of the battle, and lasts until the end.
  • Dire Gator: Increases DEF at the beginning of the battle, and lasts until the end.
  • Banshee Bird: Increases max HP at the beginning of the battle, and lasts until the end.

    Hunt beginner spirit beasts for your first team
    Hunt beginner spirit beasts for your first team

    You can use this to help your heroes with specific roles. Tanks can benefit from Dire Gator and Banshee Bird spirit Rings while ATK types can benefit from Cockatrice, etc.

  • Use the Wishing Well to increase your Diamonds

    There are different events available in this game that can provide you with some features. One of these events is the Star Praying Pool which lets you use the Wishing Well. When using this feature, you can spend some Diamonds in order to get them back at a higher number.

    Get Diamond rebates
    Get Diamond rebates

    The cost of Diamonds will be shown to you, and you’ll be provided with the range of Diamonds you’ll be able to earn back. This is a good way for you to use the Diamonds that you have saved up since it will increase the amount that you’ll be able to get.

    Check the Rankings Board for free Diamonds

    Once you have access to the Rankings Board, you should be able to claim rewards that has a red button. For example, one of the rewards that you’ll be able to claim are Diamonds from the Road of Souls feature. This provides players a chance to help their server by getting achievements.

    Check the Ranking menu and look for the red dot for rewards
    Check the Ranking menu and look for the red dot for rewards

    If you belong in a newer server, this means that the progression of Diamonds that you can acquire may be slow to start. However, this still gives you a chance to grow with other players who are starting out at the same time as you. Take note that newer servers will experience different event time periods as well.

    Add friends to get Hearts

    Soul Land: Advent of the Gods lets you play with other players in the game, therefore there’s a system where you can add people in order to be your friend. Try to add as much as you can, especially if they’re active players. There is a feature where you can send and receive hearts from the people in your friends list.

    Recruit through hearts
    Recruit through hearts

    The benefits of getting this is that you can use 20 hearts in total in order to exchange it for a character pull. It may not be much, but collecting hearts can add up a lot over time. It won’t take much of your time anyway, and it’s free.

    You should be able to master the different areas in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods soon enough. There will be more features that you’ll experience in this game as you progress, so please look out for our pages regarding those features.

    This concludes part 2 of our Beginner’s Guide. We hope this has helped you learn about the basics. If you have any other questions about the game, feel free to check our Answers Page to see if there is any useful information you can find. Feel free to leave us a comment as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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