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Officially authorized by the creators of the Soul Land anime and novel, Soul Land: Advent of the Gods is a real-time card battle RPG, allowing players to mix-and-match Spirit Rings and Spirit Skills to develop their very own battle styles and awaken their own War Spirits. The exquisite environments are brought to life by the stylish Toon Shading graphics. The game has no VIP system and features an amazing SSR drop rate of up to 10%, so you can easily collect all your favorite cards. The gods of war descend once again, to aid you on your journey to deification!

[Dual officially-licensed IPs, innovative deification gameplay]
Officially authorized by the creators of the Soul Land anime and novels, Soul Land: Advent of the Gods has manga specially mixed into the storyline, and an innovative deification system to bring you on a marvelous journey through an oriental fantasy world.

[Mix-and-match ten rings and ten skills for a strategic combination that suits your play style]
Players can mix and match Spirit Rings of different colors and durations to create versatile Spirit Skills. Invent your own unique strategies and battle styles, and develop your skills in your own customized way. Reaching the top is only a matter of time!

[Hunt down Spirit Beasts as you please and grab those powerful rings!]
The 2D Toon Shading graphics style brings to life the exquisite environments of the Forest of Stars, Sunset Forest, the Eye of Ice and Fire and more. Choose which Spirit Beasts to hunt down and absorb their Spirit Rings, even perform Spirit Beast sacrifices! Rare million-year Spirit Rings await you!

[Wield exhilarating Spirit Skills freely and employ clever strategies to snag victory!]
Multiple real-time card battle modes allow you to strategize and deploy units to your heart's content. Add this to the highly versatile Spirit Skill system and you'll get endless combinations and endless fun!

[Soul Land with the greatest perks, featuring an amazing SSR drop rate of up to 10%.]
The game has no VIP system and features an amazing SSR drop rate of up to 10%, so you can easily collect all your favorite cards.

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[Gentle Reminder]
* Soul Land: Advent of the Gods is rated PG12 according to the Game Software Rating Regulations.
* This game is free to play, though in-game purchases such as virtual currency and items are available.
* Please plan your gaming time wisely to avoid addiction.

Tips and Tricks

Balance your team with different roles
Soul Land: Advent of the Gods features different characters that have specific roles. As such, you will want to combine specific characters in order to provide an efficient team. Check your characters and choose which ones will be your Tank, DPS, AOE, Control, as well as Assist.

As you focus on these 5 characters, you will then be able to unlock the Empath feature which will let you add 5 more characters in order to sync their levels. This way you’ll be able to have more choices in terms of battles for your heroes.

Add friends to get hearts
Soul Land: Advent of the Gods lets you play with other players in the game, therefore there’s a system where you can add people in order to be your friend. Try to add as much as you can, especially if they’re active players. There is a feature where you can send and receive hearts from the people in your friends list.

The benefits of getting this is that you can use 20 hearts in total in order to exchange it for a character pull. It may not be much, but collecting hearts can add up a lot over time. It won’t take much of your time anyway, and it’s free.

Progress through the story as much as you can
Story in games is a given in terms of completing it, but you might think that you can play other features instead of the story. However, the Story mode (also known as Road of Souls) is something that you can complete in order to gain huge benefits.

As you complete this mode, you’ll be able to acquire some spirit rings that you can provide to your characters when starting out. After all, you’ll want a different combination of Spirit Rings in order to form your own play style. Another benefit of progressing through the story is that you’ll be increasing the resources that you’ll be acquiring through Drills since this is tied to your story progression.

Go as far as you can through the uncharted territory
One of the game’s modes let you explore an area called the uncharted territory. There are different locations you can finish so try to aim as much as you can with your team. You will want to build up your team’s strength and this is one way to help.

As you play, you can use the quick battle feature in order to make your fights easier. Make sure that Blitz is only used on levels where there are bosses, this way you’ll be able to get gears which will help your team.

Spend your diamonds wisely
Diamonds are a currency that is very important in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods. This is the premium currency that you can get which is limited in number, and it costs real money if you want to purchase more. As such, you’ll need to know which items are good for use for your Diamonds so it won’t go to waste.

It would be best to avoid purchasing Spirit Bones using Diamonds since these are items that can be acquired from Drills. You can use Diamonds for Recruit Tickets in order to get better characters, Gears in order to make them stronger, as well as Breakthrough Materials to increase their stats.

Perform Spirit Hunts with other players
Spirit Hunting is a feature that lets you hunt some beasts in order to get items that will help out your skills. Aside from playing the game’s story mode, these hunts will be a major factor to your progression. When performing hunts, invite other players to go with you in order to speed up your progress.

Performing Spirit hunts alone will take up more of your time. As long as there are people nearby, you can invite them out. If there aren’t any people that will go with you, you may be partnered up with bots instead.

Join Hunts with players that have a similar BR range
Spirit Hunts that are performed with a group will have difficulties that are dependent on the members of the party. In Normal Mode, the difficulty of the hunt will be based on the player that has the highest BR. This is fine if they are strong enough to assist you, however you might experience gaps in terms of survival.

There is a feature as well that lets you use assist mode up to 10 times each day. This will lower the difficulty to your current BR and it can help you acquire the items that you’ll need at the end of a hunt. Soon enough, you’ll be able to strengthen your team which won’t need assists.

Build up your friend meter
If you have active players in your friends list, you can invite them to go on hunts and raids with you. Aside from helping each other out in battle, there’s a system that you can level up called the friend meter. Leveling this up is based on how much hunts and raids you have done together.
Once you have leveled this up 11 times, you will be able to have your friend as a Comrade. You can have a maximum of up to 7 Comrades in the game, and this will enable you to invite them even if they aren’t online. This means that having 7 very strong comrades will help you with your hunts at any time you wish.

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