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Recruit and Collection Guide

Recruit and Collection Guide
Soul Land:Advent of the Gods Guide


One of the main gameplay elements in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods are the characters that you’re able to acquire. Aside from getting Spirit Masters from the game’s main story, you’ll be able to get Spirit Masters through Recruitment.

In this page, we’ll be checking the details that the Recruitment and Collection interface provides since these two menus are connected. There are different options for recruiting, so let us see what you can expect when trying to get a new Spirit Master.

How does Recruitment work?

Similar to other Gacha games available on the mobile market, Recruitment in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods is done through the use of the in-game’s currency which are Diamonds. Other items that are used as well as Recruitment Tickets as well as Hearts.

There are different banners that you’ll be able to use, and you can recruit 1 time or 7 times in a single pull. The cost will be dependent on the banner that you’re pulling from, but Recruitment tickets will work in any instance for regular recruitments and event banners.

== Rare Recruitment==

Rare Recruitment is the main banner that’s available in this game. Once a new character appears in a theme banner, they will end up in the Rare Recruitment eventually and it will have all available Soul Masters so far.

Recruiting through this banner will require either Diamonds, or you can use Recruitment Ticket x1, and Recruitment Ticket x7. If you have 7 pieces of the Recruitment Ticket x1 then you’ll be able to use the 7-pull option.

Rare Recruitment provides you with all possible Soul Masters that can be acquired
Rare Recruitment provides you with all possible Soul Masters that can be acquired

You get to have 1 free pull each day, once you have used this, you’ll have to wait for a timer in order for you to get another free pull. Recruiting 49 times will guarantee you a SSR character in the next pull. Here are the acquisition rates of the Soul Masters by their grade:

Grade Acquisition Rate
SSR 10 percent
SR 20 percent
R 30 percent
N 40 percent

== Friendship Recruitment==

Another way for you to acquire heroes is through the use of Hearts that you can acquire from friends. When adding friends and having them on your friends list, you can give and receive hearts daily. You can give and receive up to 50 hearts each day.

Add friends in order to send and receive Hearts
Add friends in order to send and receive Hearts

In terms of recruiting, the pull rates and Spirit Masters that you’ll be able to acquire is the same as the one from the Rare Recruitment. You’ll be able to get a SSR hero as well after 49 pulls. In order to maximize the hearts that you get, try your best to add active players in the game.

Theme Recruitment

Theme Recruitments are event banners that are available for a specific period, here you’ll be able to acquire the same Spirit Masters from the Rare Recruitment, but the difference is that there are increased rates for specific Spirit Masters.

For example, the Clear Sky Deluge theme recruitment will let you recruit Tang San, Tang Hao, and Tang Chen at an increased rate. When recruiting a SSR character, there’s an 80% chance you’ll be able to get them. You’ll be able to get a featured Spirit Master as well after pulling 99 times.

Theme recruitments provide a higher chance for the featured Spirit Masters
Theme recruitments provide a higher chance for the featured Spirit Masters

The pull rates for theme recruitments are the same as rare recruitment as well. If you have a hero that you want in the theme recruitment and you wish to make them stronger, then pulling from this banner will be helpful. You can use Diamonds as well as Recruitment Tickets for this feature.

Spirit Master Collection

There’s a book icon on the lower left side that will let you access the Spirit Master Collection menu. This can be accessed on your main screen as well by tapping on the collection button. In this page, you’ll be able to view which Spirit Masters you have pulled so far, you will know if you have them if their profile photo is colored while the rest that haven’t been acquired are greyed out.

Viewing your collection will let you increase their Stars. Each time you get duplicate Spirit Masters, they get converted to shards which is needed to increase their star rating. There is also a color progression for your Star Ups. When getting your first Star Up, you’ll start with color White. The color progression are as follows: White > Blue > Purple > Orange > Red > Gold. Tap on the Bonus button to see the bonuses that you can acquire for your specific Spirit Master. Tapping on the Quick Star Up button will let you increase the stars of all Spirit Masters that have available shards.

Duplicate pulls provide you Shards to increase your Star Rating
Duplicate pulls provide you Shards to increase your Star Rating

The Bond section will let you view Spirit Masters that have relations to the game’s story. By acquiring specific Spirit Master combinations, you’ll be able to increase specific stats through Bond effects. This will help increase your overall BR. You can also use the Quick Bond button in order to activate all available bonds.

Get stat increases by activating Bond effects
Get stat increases by activating Bond effects

Recruiting and Collecting Spirit Masters will not only help you with your team building, but activating special effects through your collection can help out in your game’s progression. We hope that our Recruit and Collection Guide has helped you out.

We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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