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Clear Sky Bluff

Clear Sky Bluff
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Playing online games provide you with different kinds of content for you to experience, some games provide you with a variety of events that you can participate in as well. In Soul Land: Advent of the Gods, a dedicated Event section is added, and you’ll be able to view which ones are ongoing.

Events that you can encounter in the game can provide you with rewards and there are some that are purchase related events. In this page, we’ll be checking the Clear Sky Bluff event, and we shall see what it can provide for you.

What is the Clear Sky Bluff event?

The Clear Sky Bluff is a rotational event that you’ll be encountering in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods. This means that the event has a duration period and is available for a certain number of days. Once the event is over, you will have to wait until another period before it appears once again.

In this event, you are able to get rewards by selecting Bluffs. This will require a Stone Hammer or a Gold Hamer depending if you’re playing Outside or Inside. The Stone Hammer and Gold Hammer are rewards that you can claim from getting chests from your Daily and Weekly Missions.

Use Stone Hammers and Gold Hammers that you get from Daily and Weekly Mission chests

Use Stone Hammers and Gold Hammers that you get from Daily and Weekly Mission chests

Each Bluff that you choose can contain 1-Star to 5-Star Blue Stone Cores for the Outside Bluff pool, while you can get 1-Star to 5-Star Purple Stone Cores from the Inside Bluff pool. Once an entire row is completed, you’ll be able to get the extra reward that’s shown through the icons.

How to play the Inside Bluff Pool: The Inside Bluff Pool can only be played after you have completed the main mission of Chapter 11. Therefore, you will need to progress through the game’s story first.

Possible Rewards

The bluffs contain different stone cores of various rarities. In order to know what each Stone Core provides; you can tap on the icon from the Bluff Preview. You can get random items from these cores such as more Hammers, Recruit Tickets, Diamonds, and various earnings of currency.

The Inside Bluff pool contains better rewards, however getting Gold Hammers will take more time since this is the final chest reward for Daily and Weekly Missions. Since this is a rotating event, you can save up the Stone and Golden Hammers that you acquire and use them for the future. This way, you can build up the hammers that you have before getting all bluffs.

If you want to get the extra rewards from completing rows, it would be best for you to save up on your hammers and play the event once you can clear entire rows. Since the Inside pool requires you to reach chapter 11 of the main story, you can focus on story progression first.

This concludes our page regarding the Clear Sky Bluff event in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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