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War Spirit Guide

War Spirit Guide
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Soul Land: Advent of the Gods lets you collect a variety of heroes called as Spirit Masters in order to aid your journey through the game’s story. As you progress with your way, you will notice that enemies become stronger, and you get to fight in Spirit Hunts that have higher BR which makes them harder to take down.

In order to make your Spirit Masters stronger, you’ll need to improve their War Spirit. In this page, we’ll provide you a guide how War Spirits work in this game, as well as useful information that you can learn in order to understand more about your Spirit Masters.

Spirit Master Stats

The War Spirit section is one of your main menu buttons that you can press in order to view each of the Spirit Masters that you currently have. When checking out this interface, you’ll be provided with other menu items on the left-hand side, but your main focus will be the info on the right.

When checking a character, you’ll see their basic information such as their name and position, you will then be able to look into their detailed stats on the box to the right which contains their following information:

  • Name

  • Level

  • BR

  • Talent Stats

  • Base Stats

    War Spirit information page
    War Spirit information page

    From this information, you’ll be able to see the stats that will make up your Spirit Master’s gameplay. For example, Single ATK characters will need good Attack and Crit in order to deal a lot of damage. In order for them to survive, you can provide them with high dodge. Tanks will need high HP, Def, and types of resistances. Knowing these stats will help you out in choosing which Spirit Rings will be beneficial.

    Spirit Masters also have Titles which they can unlock once they have reached specific level milestones, here are the list of titles you can acquire:

    Level Range Spirit Master Title
    Lv. 1-10 Spirit Scholar
    Lv. 11-20 Spirit Master
    Lv. 21-30 Spirit Grand Master
    Lv. 31-40 Spirit Elder
    Lv. 41-50 Spirit Ancestor
    Lv. 51-60 Spirit King
    Lv. 61-70 Spirt Emperor
    Lv. 71-80 Spirit Saint
    Lv. 81-90 Spirit Douluo
    Lv. 91-99 Titled Douluo

  • Leveling up your Spirit Master

    In order to level up your Spirit Master, you’ll have to upgrade them and use S-Power. This material can be obtained through different means such as Drills, Requests, Spirit Master Amulets, Daily sign-ins, as well as the Worship Leader feature. S-Power that is used will increase for every level that you gain for your Spirit Master.

    Whenever you level up your Spirit Master, you’ll be able to acquire a new Spirit Ring slot for every 10 levels you acquire (10, 20, 30, etc.). If you want to get higher BR, you’ll need these slots so you can put more Spirit Rings to customize your characters.

    Upgrade your Spirit Master to increase their level
    Upgrade your Spirit Master to increase their level

    There will be instances where you’ll reach levels that will require you to awaken them in order for you to be able to continue upgrading. Awakening your Spirit Master will require you to use S-Crystals instead, and this is done at levels 40, 60, 80, and 90. You can get S-Crystals using a Spirit Master Amulet, or through the Silver Shop, Redemption Shop, Soto City Shop, as well as the Lost Island.

    When leveling up your Spirit Masters, you should know that their rating will be the basis for their maximum level cap. The level caps for each grade are as follows:

    Grade Max Level Cap
    SSR Lv. 100+
    SR Lv. 80
    R Lv. 50
    N Lv. 30

    Allocating Talent Points

    Aside from upgrading your Spirit Master, you’ll notice that there is a button that lets you allocate Talent Points. Whenever your Spirit Master absorbs Spirit Rings, this will activate Title Certifications at specific level milestones. For each milestone that you achieve, you acquire 5 Talent Points which can be used to increase the following Talent Stats:

    Talent Stat Base Stat affected
    DEX CRIT, Dodge, RES
    Talent Points affect specific base stats when raised
    Talent Points affect specific base stats when raised

    You can only allocate talent points once your Spirit Master reaches level 30, you can choose your own talent point allocations, or you can use the RCMD (Recommended) Talent button to let it assign for you. You can reset your talents any time you wish, therefore it will provide you with some flexibility in making a build for your Spirit Master.

    Increasing your Stars

    You’ll notice that there’s a Bonus icon as well on the lower left side of your Spirit Master’s character model. When checking this, you’ll be able to see the bonuses that you’ll get when receiving Star Up accomplishments. You can increase your Spirit Master’s Star Rating whenever you get duplicate pulls of your character. For example, if you get a spare pull for Xiao Wu for the first time, then you can increase her Star Up to 1 star and then work your way to 6 stars.

    Increase your Star rating to 6-Stars to get bonuses for your Spirit Master
    Increase your Star rating to 6-Stars to get bonuses for your Spirit Master

    There is also a color progression for your Star Ups. When getting your first Star Up, you’ll start with color White. The color progression are as follows: White > Blue > Purple > Orange > Red > Gold. Tap on the Bonus button to see the bonuses that you can acquire for your specific Spirit Master.

    Resetting your Spirit Master

    If you happen to receive a new Spirit Master and want to use them, you’ll need materials in order to make them stronger. You might wonder if you can reset a Spirit Master currently in your team if you don’t intend to use them anymore. Resetting is a feature that will let you reset a character back to their initial state.

    In order to reset a Spirit Master, you’ll tap on the glimmering rectangle icon on the left side of your Spirit Master’s stats. For resetting, you will need a Moonlight Box which can only be received each time you pull a SSR Spirit Master from recruiting. Resetting will have the following restrictions when performed:

  • Companions cannot return to the initial level after reset.

  • All Spirit Rings, Spirit Bones, gear, and Infusion Stones will be returned to Backpack.

  • Materials used for S-Power and Spirit Skill Growth, and War Spirit awakening will be returned.

  • The enhancement of the gear will return to Lv. 1 and Enhancing Stones (to enhance gear to the corresponding level) will be given.

    Resets will require  1 Moonlight Box
    Resets will require 1 Moonlight Box

    With all of this information, you’ll now know more about each Spirit Master that you will have in your disposal. Form the team you’ll want to focus on and upgrade each of your Spirit Masters equally as you progress through the game. Make sure to get Spirit Rings that are suitable for your Spirit Master’s position.

    This concludes our War Spirit Guide in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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