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New Server Promotion

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Playing online games provide you with different kinds of content for you to experience, some games provide you with a variety of events that you can participate in as well. In Soul Land: Advent of the Gods, a dedicated Event section is added, and you’ll be able to view which ones are ongoing.

Events that you can encounter in the game can provide you with rewards and there are some that are purchase related events. In this page, we’ll be checking the New Server Promotion event, and we shall see what it can provide for you.

What is the New Server Promotion event?

The New Server Promotion is a purchase type event that lasts 7 days. Here, you’re provided with deals that give you increased rewards as each new pack is purchased within the 7-day period. Once you have reached a certain reward progress, you’ll be able to claim additional items that are listed on the progress bar at the bottom page.

The promotion content that you can acquire is updated daily for the 7-day period. If you didn’t purchase a pack on a specific day, it will then be updated to a new pack on the following day. The New Server Promotion event basically provides you with items that are good for starting off in your progress if you decide to invest in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods.

Get daily packs and milestone rewards
Get daily packs and milestone rewards

This event is only applicable to newly added servers, and since there is a 7-day time period, it will eventually be removed. If you are playing on such server and want to get a head start, then choosing this pack can help you out.

Possible Rewards

The daily packs that you can acquire will refresh each day, and you can find items here such as Diamonds, Recruit Tickets, as well as S-Power. However, there are milestone rewards that can be claimed for purchasing on your first, third, fifth, and seventh day. Here is the list of progression rewards that are available:

Day Milestone
1st Day
8-Hour EXP Earnings x1
3rd Day
7x Recruit Ticket x1
5th Day
S-Crystals x3, 1-Star Superb Red Spirit Bone
7th Day
Epic Beast Soul x50, 2-Star Superb Red Gear

Purchase type events are pretty straightforward. Aside from the free packs that you can acquire, the rest of the packs will require you to buy them using real money. Please remember that purchasing items can add up over time and get costly, so always be responsible with your money.

This concludes our page regarding the New Server Promotion event in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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