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Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG is a cutesy, idle-RPG geared towards unlimited growth and endless potential. Play as the moon rabbit and fight through hordes of monsters to farm for resources and grind through levels to recover your lost power. The game has a lot of resource types and remembering where to get them can be challenging. In our Resources Guide, we will provide some pointers where you can obtain said resources and entry tickets.

It’s quite challenging to keep track of the game’s large variety of resources and entry tickets. Thankfully, some of them are locked behind game progression (your Moonrabbit’s level and combat strength) so you don’t really need to deal with a majority of them early on. Once you get the grasp of the gameplay, then it will gradually become easier to manage your resources and know which ones to actively farm or not.

Take note that you can check a quick guide about resources by tapping the gold/ruby counters in the top-left corner of the screen as shown below. This is a very useful feature in-game. We will try to add more details in this guide since the quick-guide will just provide direct information after all.
Resources Guide


These consumables are used in a lot of ways but usually, one resource is tied to specific functions. Some of the resources here can be purchased from the in-game shop using real money or rubies so don’t forget to check those out. We will list them down below.

Monster Drops, Gold Dungeon
Used for upgrading Gold Stats (mainly ATK and Max HP)
Missions, Weekly Missions, Event Passes, Rewards from different modes
Main resource for purchasing products in the shop and drawing for weapons, skills, and pets.
Weapon Enhancer
Monster drops, Treasure Dungeon.
Used to level up weapons.
Lunar Blessing
Leveling up, Trial of Darkness, Treasure Dungeon, Weekly Missions, Abyss Treasure Box
Used to level up almost all of Moonrabbit’s stats (except the main ATK and Max HP stats that require gold). Can also be used to purchase the next unlockable stat to gain access to it early.
Skill Enhancer
Monster drops, Skill Dungeon
Used to level up Moonrabbit’s Skills.
Ring Enhancer
Trigonia Raid, Treasure Dungeon
Used to level up Rings
Gem Enhancer
Gem Mine, Shop
Used to level up Skill Gems
Power Crystal
Tower of Guardians
Used to enhance the Guardian’s Power stats.
Mysterious Star Piece
Monsters drops (CH3 or later), Weekly Missions, Shop
Used to reroll the stats in the Latent Ability tab (under Stats). A huge amount of these can also be used to get a Guaranteed Legendary stat during a reroll.
Guild Coin
Guild Attendance, Guild Cave
Used to purchase items at the Guild Shop
Skill Rune Reroll Scroll
Skill Dungeon, Shop
Used to reroll the Random Bonus Options of Skill Runes.
Star Fragment
Monster drops (CH5 or later), Shop
Used to combine Stellar Weapons. These are the highest ranked/rarity weapons in the game.
Gem Shard
Gem Mine, Grind Gems
Used for crafting Gems
Shiny Gem Shard
Guild Shop, Gem Crafting, Grind Legendary Gems
Used to craft Legendary Gems
Magic Bullet Enhancer
Magic Field
Resource used to level up Magic Bullets
Tome of Swordcraft
Monster drops (CH5 or later), Grind friend’s weapon, (Legendary Superior or Above)
Resource to level up Friend’s Skills
Swordbreaker’s Token
Monster drops (CH5 or later)
Used to awaken Friend
Normal Skill Book
Skill Dungeon
Used to purchase Rare to Epic grade skills.
Legendary Skill Book
Skill Dungeon, Shop
Used to purchase Legendary grade skills
Random Skill Rune
Provides medium or greater grade Skill Runes
Ring Lucky Box
Raid Shop
Use this box to either get a Unique to Legendary grade accessory or 1000 Accessory Crystals.
Accessory Crystal
Trigonia Raid, Grind Accessory, Ring Lucky Box
Currency used to exchange for items in the Raid Shop
Skill Soul
Skill Dungeon, Grind Skill, Grind Skill Rune
Currency used to exchange for items in the Skill Shop
Dark Coin
World Boss
Currency used to exchange for items in the Darkness Shop
Costume Ticket
Shop (Including limited event shops)
Used to purchase costumes or weapon skins in the Costume Shop
Legendary Skill Awakening Transfer Ticket
Used to exchange the Awakening LV of two different Legendary Skills
Pet Soul
Reroll Soulstone, Defense Shop
Used to purchase Legendary grade Pets
Pet Enhancer
Monster drops (LV3 or later)
Resource to level up Pets
Defense Stone
Used to purchase items in the Defense Shop
Artifact Fragment
Vulcanus Raid
Used to craft and level up Artifacts
Artifact Analyzer
Used for crafting and analyzing Artifacts.

Entry Tickets

These are used to enter various dungeons and instances in the game. These are recharged daily and automatically to your inventory. Some tickets can be exchanged or purchased, giving you additional chances to enter specific dungeons and modes to farm for their rewards. Take note that some tickets have a maximum amount that you can hold at any given time so if you missed a few days of daily resets, you won’t amass more than the maximum amount.

Additionally, some dungeons have a “Quick Clear” function. This is applicable for dungeon stages or levels that you have already cleared successfully before. So if ever you’ve hit a power ceiling (you’re not yet strong enough to clear a level or stage), consider quick-clearing the dungeon to instantly get the rewards. One quick clear is equal to 1 ticket (x10 for raids) so the amount of tickets consumed will correspond to the amount of rewards you’ll get. This is very useful especially when you’re working on getting your power level to meet the next stage/level’s requirement.
Resources Guide

Entry Ticket
Mode or Dungeon
Treasure Dungeon Keys
x3 Recharged Daily (can only hold to a maximum of 10 keys)
Required to enter the Treasure Dungeon. 1 key is needed per entry.
Skill Dungeon Keys
x3 Recharged Daily (can only hold to a maximum of 10 keys)
Required to enter the Skill Dungeon. 1 key is needed per entry.
Gold Dungeon Keys
x3 Recharged Daily (can only hold to a maximum of 10 keys)
Required to enter the Gold Dungeon. 1 key is needed per entry.
Star Invitation
x200 Recharged daily, Shop
Used to enter Trigonia Raids. x10 invitations will be required per entry.
Tower of Guardians Entry Tickets (can hold up to a maximum of 7 tickets)
x2 Recharged daily, Shop
Required to enter the Tower of Guardians. 1 key is needed per entry.
Cave Entry Tickets
x1 Recharged daily
Required to enter the Guild Cave
Gem Mine Entry Tickets
x3 Recharged daily, Skill Shop, Resource
Required to enter the Gem Mine
Magic Field Entry Tickets
x5 Recharged daily
Used to enter the Magic Field
Volcano’s Invitation
x200 Recharged daily
Used to enter Vulcanus Raids. x10 invitations will be required per entry.
Artifact Excavation Ticket
x1 Recharged daily
Ticket used to Excavate.

That concludes our Resources Guide in Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG content!

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