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Skill Guide

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Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG is a cutesy, idle-RPG geared towards unlimited growth and endless potential. Play as the moon rabbit and fight through hordes of monsters to farm for resources and grind through levels to recover your lost power. Moonrabbit has a lot of skills or spells at her disposal. Some are effective against bosses while others are great for crowd control. Some skills are even deadlier when used in combos! In our Skill Guide, we will discuss how the game’s skill system works and how to select your ideal skill combinations.

Drawing Skills

The game has a lot of variety of skills and spells, some of which are available by default while others need to be unlocked by drawing them from the Shop. As you keep drawing for skills, the gauge that will allow you to get a guaranteed legendary skill will slowly fill up. Keep drawing skills so you can unlock new ones, get copies of the ones you already have learned, and eventually get a legendary skill.
Skill Guide

The drop rates of skills per rarity are as follows:
* Rare: 65%
* Unique: 35%
* Epic: 4.6%
* Legendary - 0.4%

Legendary skills are the rarest and most powerful skills available in the game. However, this doesn’t mean that they can completely change low-rarity skills out of your loadouts. Fully awakened and leveled up support skills can be up par with offensive legendary skills in terms of utility.

Skill Slots

Moonrabbit can have up to six skills equipped at a time. However, you’ll need to progress through the game to unlock the remaining skill slots. The game also allows you to keep up to six different loadouts. As you unlock more skills, you’ll be able to create ideal loadouts for various modes like skills specifically for bosses, raids, and clearing various dungeons. You can freely swap loadouts most of the time though some game modes will require you to select a loadout prior to starting the instance.
Skill Guide

Leveling up Skills

You can use Skill Enhancer gems to increase the skill’s level and improve its values. These consumable items can be farmed from normal enemies and skill dungeons. You can only increase the skill’s level to a set limit. You have to awaken the skill (see below) to increase its level cap and improve the skill’s effects. After reaching the max awakening level, the skills will eventually reach their hard cap (around LV110). This cap can’t be removed but you can still exceed this limit by equipping skill runes that enable “Skill LV +x” effect.


Once you have acquired enough copies of a skill, you can use the Skill Awakening function. This will allow you to further increase the skill’s max level, improve its Inventory Effect or In-Slot Passive. As expected, the amount of copies required to awaken a skill to the next level will drastically increase as the awakening level increases.
* Inventory Effect: Bonus effect activated just be learning the skill (without equipping it)
* In-slot Passive: Bonus effect activated if you have equipped the skill in any of your skill slots.
Skill Guide

A skill can be awakened up to seven times. Once a skill reaches Awakening LV7, all succeeding copies of the skill can be Grinded into Skill Souls. This currency can be used to purchase Draw Tickets, Random Legendary Skills, Skill Rune Reroll Scrolls, and other skill-related items from the Skill Shop.
Skill Guide

The game also offers an option to transfer the Awakening LV of one skill to another. However, this will require a Skill Awakening Transfer Ticket. You can get one for free (per account) in the skill shop. The conditions for selecting skills will differ from the type of Transfer Ticket and skill. However, as long as you play and draw regularly, you won’t have to use this method in the long run.

Skill Runes

You can also equip Skill Runes to their respective skills to give bonus levels to the skill and provide bonus effects like reduced cooldown, reduced MP cost, and more. Skill Runes can’t be leveled up but you can reroll the bonus effects of a skill rune for a chance to get better effects and bonuses. Additionally, since you can only equip one Skill Rune to a skill at a time, you can Grind excess runes in exchange for Skill Souls, a currency used to exchange for various items in the Skill Shop.
Skill Guide

That concludes our Skill Guide in Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG content!

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