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Moonrabbit Stat Guide

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Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG is a cutesy, idle-RPG geared towards unlimited growth and endless potential. Play as the moon rabbit and fight through hordes of monsters to farm for resources and grind through levels to recover your lost power. You only have one character to manage - the Moonrabbit herself. In our Moonrabbit Stat Guide, we will discuss the various stats that you have to pay attention to and consistently upgrade to make your Moonrabbit consistently stronger.

Stat Overview

The moonrabbit has several stats, which we will list down below. As you’ll eventually discover, the game’s level and damage range is excessive. We’re talking about trillions and billions of damage (possibly even more), as well as thousands of levels. She can collect EXP and once the gauge is full, you have to manually press the Level Up button to increase her level. It’s also possible to exceed the gauge, especially since she’ll continue earning EXP even while you’re AFK or not actively playing. She’ll also be able to collect a large chunk of EXP from clearing the Gold Dungeon. You don’t have to worry about it since her EXP will get stacked up. For example, if she has accumulated 900% of EXP, that means you can level her up 9 times. Stacked EXP doesn’t really do anything so it’s always imperative to level up as often as you can.
Moonrabbit Stat Guide

Moonrabbit’s ATK and Max HP can be leveled up using Gold. Of course the amount of gold required will increase as her level increases. You can level up in increments of x1, x10, or x20. For convenience, it’s much better to set the upgrade increment to x20 so you don’t have to tap and hold the Stat Up buttons to level them up. These two default stats don't seem to have a level cap and will increase as Moonrabbit’s level increases. As for the other skills, some have level caps so after maxing them out, you don’t need to worry about them any further.

The remaining stats need a different consumable called Lunar Blessing. Moonrabbit will get some of these whenever she levels up but you’ll have to get the majority of these from other sources. Fortunately, you can obtain this resource from a variety of sources such as Trial of Darkness, Treasure Dungeons, Weekly Missions, Abyss treasure box. You can also purchase Lunar Blessings from the in-game shop.

Aside from the default stats, you can learn the next skills in linear order by reaching their recommended levels. However, you can still purchase them earlier by using Lunar Blessings. The Lunar Blessing cost of these locked stats will slowly decrease as you increase Moonrabbit’s level. Some of the high-level stats have hundreds of levels in interval before you can learn the other so if you’re at least a few levels away from the next stat, consider unlocking them early with Lunar Blessings.

Here’s the list of stats you’ll find in the game.
Max HP
Free unlock at LV30
HP Recovery per kill
Free unlock at LV40
Max MP
Free unlock at LV60
Crit Chance
Free unlock at LV120
Increased Gold Gain
Free unlock at LV160
MP Recovery per kill
Free unlock at LV200
Crit DMG
Free unlock at LV400
Max HP
Free unlock at LV600
Skill Cast Speed
Free unlock at LV800
Increased Item Drop Rate
Free unlock at LV1200
Increased DMG Dealt
Free unlock at LV1500
Reduce DMG taken
Free unlock at LV2000
Increased DMG dealt to normal monsters
Free unlock at LV3000

Guardian’s Power

You can access this option in the second tab of the Stat window. This is not available from the start so you have to continue progressing through the game until you eventually unlock this feature. On top of the base stats, unlocking stats on this tab will add bonus stats and effects to the character. Also, unlike the base stats, all stats listed here can be unlocked and leveled up using Power Crystals. This consumable can only be farmed from the Tower of Guardians instance. (We will cover this mode in a dedicated section later on)
Moonrabbit Stat Guide

Continue leveling up the available Guardian Powers until the level up gauge above is filled. Once you do, the Guardian Power will level up, increasing the level cap of the existing powers and will unlock new powers as well. Like other stats, the amount of resources needed (in this case Power Crystals) will increase as well as the level increases. The Guardian’s Power level will be related to the next tab called Latent Ability, which we will discuss further below.

Latent Ability

These are additional bonus stats that you can unlock as you increase your Guardian’s Power level. You can have up to five Latent Abilities (GP Level 5) The wide variety of options or stat bonuses that you’ll unlock per power level will be random, with the following rates:
* Normal: 40%
* Magic: 28%
* Rare: 20%
* Unique: 10%
* Epic 1.8%
* Legendary 0.2%

The stats with the same grade have equal appearance rates; so for example, the legendary skills ATK Speed (50-53%) and Max DMG Rate (25-31.5%) both have a 0.2 chance of appearing, as well as all other Legendary grade options/skills.
Moonrabbit Stat Guide

You can randomly roll options (stats) by using Mysterious Star Pieces that you can acquire from monster drops (Chapter 3 or later), weekly missions, or purchased from the shop. However, paying 20,000 Mysterious Star Pieces will give you a guaranteed (but random) Legendary-grade Option. This is the most ideal way since you’ll most likely have more than 20,000 pieces by the time you need to roll an option for the Latent Ability, since leveling up a Guardian’s Power will take a while.

That concludes our Moonrabbit Stat Guide in Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG content!

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