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Weapon Upgrade Guide

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Weapon Upgrade Guide

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Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG is a cutesy, idle-RPG geared towards unlimited growth and endless potential. Play as the moon rabbit and fight through hordes of monsters to farm for resources and grind through levels to recover your lost power. Like stats and skills, weapons also play a major part in Moonrabbit’s overall combat prowess. In our Weapon Upgrade Guide, we will discuss how the game’s weapon upgrade system works.

Weapons Overview

The game has a fixed set of weapons that Moonrabbit can acquire progressively. Some of the early weapons are given as rewards for newbie missions but most of the weapons you’ll get are from monster drops and weapon draws. These weapons can be combined to create their upgraded version and so on. As a general recommendation, always select the latest possible weapon in the list. There’s really no use to continue using old weapons unless they’re upgraded or the next better version of the weapon is just a few variations away.
Weapon Upgrade Guide

Weapon Enhancer Gems are used to level up weapons. These consumables can be obtained as drops from normal enemies or farmed from the Treasure Dungeon instances. Each level increased will have stat bonuses and the required number of weapon enhancer gems will increase as well. You can level up a weapon up to LV100.

You should also save your resources by avoiding upgrading low-quality weapons. Once you have access to weapons with the Unique rarity or above, then you can start gradually spending weapon enhancer gems to increase your weapon’s level. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to fully reset old, upgraded weapons to recover some of the materials used. This is why we highly suggest upgrading higher-grade weapons compared to their low-quality counterparts. As you continue to combine and upgrade your weapons, their contribution towards your total power will be significantly noticeable as well.

Weapon Draws

You can draw from weapons from the Shop. As you continue drawing, the Draw LV gauge will slowly increase. After filling the gauge, the draw level will increase. This means that you’ll have a better chance of getting better weapons. As the draw level increases, the drop rate of higher-quality weapons will increase as well. The number of draws required to increase the draw level will increase as the draw level increases. The maximum draw level is LV8. Thankfully, draws made through rubies and draw tickets are counted towards the gauge.
Weapon Upgrade Guide


There are no wasted weapons since old, low-quality weapons can still be combined to create their next, better version. Keep doing this regularly until you eventually produce Legendary weapons.
Weapon Upgrade Guide
The system works by combining 5 copies of the current weapon to create 1 copy of the succeeding weapon. You don’t have to start from the bottom (lowest rarity) when copying; as long as you have more than 5 copies of a weapon, you can combine them. This auto-combination chain will continue as long as you have excess copies. If the produced copies are less than five, the auto-combination process will stop, even if you have multiple copies of the following weapon. You can still run another auto-combine session for the weapons if they have excess copies as well.

Special Inventory Effects

Some weapons also have Special Inventory Effects which are activated when you don’t have these weapons equipped. Basically, they are passive effects that get activated when weapons are just sitting in your inventory. To learn a Special Inventory Effect, you must sacrifice the required copies of that weapon. If you have that weapon currently equipped, it won’t be counted. You don’t need to pay anything else; as long as you have enough copies, you can learn the effect. Effects are also permanent; once learned, they can’t be un-learned nor can you retrieve the used copies.

Take note that weapons with similar effects will not be stacked and only the highest learned level is applied. So for example, you have one weapon with ATK Speed +10% and another with ATK Speed +20%. Only the latter’s effect will be activated (+20%) and will not be stacked to +30%.
Weapon Upgrade Guide

That concludes our Weapon Upgrade Guide in Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG content!

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