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Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG is a cutesy, idle-RPG geared towards unlimited growth and endless potential. Play as the moon rabbit and fight through hordes of monsters to farm for resources and grind through levels to recover your lost power. In our Beginners Guide, we will provide some helpful tips and tricks to get your started in the game comfortably.


Before you get started, we just need to review the basics of the game. The title may have the words “Idle” and “AFK” on it but its gameplay is a bit different from the standard idle or afk rpgs out there.

Beginners Guide

You only control one character.

There are no classes, roles, types, or gender selection. You’ll immediately start off the game with the default and only character - the moon rabbit. You can customize her appearance and other cosmetic options but these need to be unlocked by progressing through the game or purchasing them outright.

The game’s numbers are over-the-top

The numbers in the game can get crazy, like stat levels reaching thousands, damage reaching millions, and upgrade costs to the billions. Don’t get surprised by these numbers as the gold and resources you’ll earn are comparatively relative to what you need to spend so you won’t feel like you’re grinding heavily for long periods of time.

The objective of the game is to get infinitely stronger

Basically, you’ll continuously earn EXP, weapons, and other resources. You’ll need to keep increasing your level, keep upgrading your weapons, leveling your skills, etc. If you’re already wiping out the enemies on a particular stage with ease, then you have to pass a trial stage in order to move to the higher, much more difficult stage.

Auto-Combat is enabled by default

As with other idle-type games, combat is automatically enabled. You can still manually control your character’s movements and reserve some spells. There’s an auto button that you can toggle. However, turning off auto will just prevent your character from automatically moving and using skills. There’s really no sense turning this off since the game is meant to be played with minimal attention given.

Stat Priorities

Aside from the level, your character has several stats that you need to increase to further improve her combat capability. The two base stats (ATK and Max HP) can be leveled up by using gold coins. However, the other stats can only be leveled up using Lunar Blessings. Since Lunar Blessings can be hard to come by, you should prioritize which stats to learn first. Don’t worry since not all stats are available on the get-go. You can unlock them for free by reaching the required level or spend the required amount of Lunar Blessings.

Beginners Guide

Here are our recommended stat priorities:

* ATK - Increases your overall base attak

* ATK Speed - Speeds up the frequency of your attacks

* Crit Chance - Increases the likelihood of landing critical hits

* Crit DMG - Increases the amount of damage dealt by your critical hits

* Max HP - Increases your survivability by making you more tankier

* Max MP - Higher MP allows you to cast more skills or spells consecutively

* HP Recovery per kill - Increases the amount of HP you recover upon killing an enemy

* MP Recovery per kill - Increases the amount of MP you recover upon killing an enemy

For the other skills, you can upgrade them as you see fit. There are some skills that are worth spending Lunar Blessings to unlock them early instead of waiting for the required level to unlock them for free. (like Critical Hit or Critical Damage)

Claim your Rewards

Even if you’re just playing the game normally, you’ll be able to clear various tasks that will award you with a lot of resources. Always expand the Menu to see whether you have rewards waiting for you through Missions and Passes. You can also check the Benefits button in the top-right corner or other limited events available at the time.

There are also freebies that you can get by watching Ads though you have to exit out of the ad quickly since your game session might expire; when this happens, the reward may not be credited to your account after watching the ad, and you’ll need to restart the game as well.

Beginners Guide

Upgrade and Combine your Weapons

You’ll get multiple copies of weapons while playing the game or when you do weapon draws. These weapons can be combined to create their upgraded version and so on. That said, save your resources and avoid upgrading low-quality weapons. Once you have access to weapons with the Unique rarity or above, then you can start gradually spending weapon enhancer gems to increase your weapon’s level. As you continue to combine and upgrade your weapons, their contribution towards your total power will be significantly noticeable as well.

Some weapons also have Special Inventory Effects which are activated when you don’t have these weapons equipped. Basically, they are passive effects that get activated when weapons are just sitting in your inventory. Take note that weapons with similar effects will not be stacked and only the highest learned level is applied. So for example, you have one weapon with ATK Speed +10% and another with ATK Speed +20%. Only the latter’s effect will be activated (+20%).

Beginners Guide

Upgrade and Awaken your Skills

The game has a lot of variety of skills and spells, some of which are available by default while others need to be unlocked by drawing them from the Shop. Keep drawing skills so you can unlock new ones and get copies of the ones you already have learned. Once you have acquired enough copies of a skill, you can use the Skill Awakening function. This will allow you to further increase the skill’s max level, improve its Inventory Effect or In-Slot Passive.

* Inventory Effect: Bonus effect activated just be learning the skill (without equipping it)

* In-slot Passive: Bonus effect activated if you have equipped the skill in any of your skill slots.

Beginners Guide

Additionally, you can use Skill Enhancer gems to increase the skill’s level and improve its values. You can only increase its level to a set value; you have to awaken the skill (as described above) to increase its level cap and improve the skill’s effects.

Finally, you can also equip Skill Runes to give bonus levels to the skill and provide bonus effects like reduced cooldown, reduced MP cost, and more. You can also reroll the bonus effects of a skill rune for a chance to get better effects. There are also Skill Gems that you can equip but these are acquired much, much later in the game so you should focus on the ones we described above since you have access to them early in the game.

Use the Shop

If you’ve been playing gacha games for a while, you’ll be hard-wired to save resources, especially premium currency. In this game, we highly encourage spending your Rubies to draw weapons, skills, or purchasing other necessary stuff (like the weekly Lunar Blessing).

youFor the Weapon Draw, your Draw Level will increase the more you draw (using coupons or rubies). The higher the Draw Level, the better chances you’ll have in getting high quality weapons. The same goes with Skill Draws; as you continue drawing for skills, the gauge will slowly fill up. Once filled, you’ll get a guaranteed Legendary skill.

Beginners Guide

That concludes our Beginner’s Guide in Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG content!


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