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The game has a variety of modes that you can challenge and farm resources from. Wail Abyss is a game mode where you have to fight your way through as many stages as you can. Your rewards are determined by your progress. In our Wail Abyss Guide, we will discuss the basics of this mode.

Goddess Era is an Idle-RPG where you can summon and collect alluring goddesses based on popular entities from popular folktales and fictional stories from various time periods of history.


In this mode, you can form a squad of up to five goddesses to fight as many enemies as you can. As you move up the stages, the enemies will get increasingly harder than the previous stage. Your reward will be determined by the number of stages cleared.
Wail Abyss

You can challenge this mode as many times as you want daily. Thankfully, you don’t need to start from the lowest floor. Every day at 12AM, your starting stage for the day is determined by the highest stage you’ve reached minus 10 stages. So for example, you have reached Stage 40 the day before, the following day, you’ll start at Stage 30.

After clearing 200 stages, four new dungeons will be unlocked. They are the following:
* Heroic Abyss
* Demigod Abyss
* Natural Abyss
* Light and Dark Abyss
Only one dungeon can be selected and challenged daily and once you’ve selected a dungeon, you won’t be able to undo your selection for the day. The dungeons rotate every three days in this order: Heroic > Demigod > Natural > Light and Dark. These four dungeons will only accept specific types of Goddesses. For example, you can only deploy Light/Dark goddesses in the Light and Dark Abyss. You can only clear up to 35 stages daily for these dungeons.

Before starting a challenge, you can hire a support goddess sent by a friend within the same server. However, if the support goddess’ BP exceeds your strongest goddess’ BP * 120%, you won’t be able to hire that support goddess. You can also send your own preferred goddess as a support. If that goddess you’ve sent gets hired by other players, you’ll obtain Friendship as reward. Goddesses that are slotted in Yggdrasil cannot be sent as support goddess.

The lineup and goddesses cannot be changed during battle. The HP loss and skill cooldown will be inherited as your team goes through stages until all goddesses are defeated. For every 5 stages, you’ll be able to select a buff that will be applied to your team. If it takes you too long to select a buff, the system will automatically and randomly select a buff instead. You can also exit the current challenge and collect your rewards based on your current performance.


You can receive daily rewards in the form of Gold and Goddess EXP. Every day after the game resets, you’ll receive rewards based on the stages you’ve cleared. You’ll also receive 1st clear rewards for every five stages you’ve cleared. These 1st clear rewards must be claimed manually and can only be claimed once. Finally, you can also get rewards based on your Rankings.

That concludes our Wail Abyss Guide in Goddess Era. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Goddess Era content!
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