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The game has a lot of resources you have to manage. It can be overwhelming to keep track of them and know where you can reliably farm them so using a guide might be necessary until you become accustomed to the various resources and their sources. In our Resource Guide, we will list down some of the common materials and currencies in the game and their sources.

Goddess Era is an Idle-RPG where you can summon and collect alluring goddesses based on popular entities from popular folktales and fictional stories from various time periods of history.

This currency is used for leveling up goddesses and dragons. You can also use gold to purchase some items from the shop.
* Auto-battle
* Dragon’s Back
* Wail Abyss
* Raid
* Gold Rain
* Daily Ventures
* Challenge Divinity Expedition
* Lost Relics
* Advanced (completed Advanced Training first)
* Play Paradise

This premium currency is used primarily for summoning goddesses and purchasing premium items or services.
* Arena ranking rewards
* Bounty reward
* Leveling up your account
* Profit from Auto-battle
* Complete Advanced Training
* Purchase using real money.

Tier-up Crystal
This material is used only for improving a goddess’ tier.
* Dragon’s Back
* Purchase from Fancy Shop
* Reward from auto-battle
* Complete trials in Daily Venture
* Lost Relic

Goddess Shard
Collect shards of the same type to craft Goddesses. So far, there are no other uses for these shards.
* Collect from Auto-battle
* Bounty reward
* Trade for shards in the Divinity Expedition’s Expedition Shop
* Purchase from Fancy SHop
* Chance to get shards when summoning via Altar.
* Arena - Trade Goddess shards in the Arena Shop
* Play Lost Relics mode
* Play Paradise mode

Goddess EXP
This particular material is used for increasing your goddesses’ levels.
* Obtained from Auto-battle. The more stages you clear, the better the rewards.
* Dragon’s Back - Clear a stage or raid
* Wail Abyss
* Daily Ventures
* Raid
* Purchase from Fancy Shop
* Play Lost Relics

Missions Info
These are only used for selecting Bounty missions. There are only two sources in the game so far:
* Obtained from Auto-battle. The more stages you clear, the better the rewards.
* Raid

Guild Contribution
Used for leveling up Guild Skills or purchase items from the Guild Shop
* Donate to your Guild
* Complete Guild Ordeal
* Complete Activeness quests
* Play Guild Champ

Dragons Material
Exclusively needed for upgrading your Dragons
* Complete the individual tasks listed under Trophies
* Divinity Expedition - Trade Breath Stone in the Expedition Shop
* Lost Relic

That concludes our Resource Guide in Goddess Era. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Goddess Era content!

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