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Goddess Era: DEF (Tank) Tier List

By Paul | Updated: Mar 8th 2023

In our Goddess Era DEF (Tank) Tier List page, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.


Goddess Era by Happyfun Limited is an Idle-RPG where you can summon, collect, and create combat parties of alluring goddesses based on popular entities from popular folktales and fictional stories from various time periods of history. Of course, not all goddesses are on equal footing since they have their own roles, set of skills and talents which determine their viability in combat and their overall use.

In our tier list, we will cover which prominent goddesses you should aim to pull for, and which ones to build if you already have them in your party. We will be dividing this tier list into four parts so we can extensively cover the best characters per class/role. We’ll also narrow our list from SS to A so we can also focus on providing the necessary details about the featured characters’ kits. If you can’t see your favorite goddess included in the list, that doesn’t automatically make them bad. Of course you can still use them if you want since it is your game after all.


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


Goddess Preview and Skills

You can access the Goddess Gallery where you’ll be able to view details about each Goddess in the game, even if you haven’t summoned them yet. You can refer to the goddess’ entries in the gallery to learn more about their individual abilities, the required upgrade materials to improve them, their available skins, and a preview of their maxed out stats to name a few.

S-grade characters have four skills though they’ll start with only their first skill unlocked. As you level up their tiers, their successive skills will be unlocked as well. For goddesses featured in our list, these skills are also heavily considered since they can affect the flow of battle and the goddesses’ individual performances.

Tier List Summary

We will be dividing our list into three tiers: SS, S, and A.

* SS units are usually considered broken and having them in your squad will drastically increase your quality of life in-game.

* S tier units are still exceptionally strong but not as broken as the SS units.

* Finally, A-tier units are strong and reliable in their own right. You’ll do well having them but they won’t have that significant of an impact compared to our S and SS tiers.

Mage Tier List

SS Tier: Hades, Gabriel, King Arthur

S Tier: Izanami, Gilgamesh

A Tier: Hera, Cerberus, Kukulkan, Nero,

FTR Tier List

SS Tier: Michael, Athena, Thor

S Tier: Sun Wukong, Iskandar, Behemoth

A Tier: Artemis, Loki, Lionheart, Poseidon, Atropos

DEF Tier List

SS Tier: Hephaestus

S Tier: Brynhildr, Tyr, Minos

A Tier: Lachesis, Zeus, Eos

SUP Tier List

SS Tier: Raphael, Gaia

S Tier: Nyx, Anubis, Pandora

A Tier: Horus, Apollo, Orochi

SS-tier DEF


Class: Dark DEF

Role: Vanishment, Stun

Hephaestus is our choice for the SS-tier spot, thanks to her kit that boosts her damage reduction, inflict Vanishment, Stun, and the ability to inflict Mark of Forging on enemies attacking her. All these effects work hand in hand and since she’s a tank, some of the effects are conveniently activated whenever she takes damage.

First, let’s define her two key status ailments: Vanishment and Mark of Forging. Vanishment inflicts damage (based on the caster’s ATK) per turn, in two turns. Furthermore, Vanishment is also stackable so expect any enemy facing her to constantly lose their HP passively, on top of taking damage from her normal attacks. Mark of Forging is applied to any unit attacking Hephaestus. Once the MoS reaches 5 stacks, the enemy will get stunned.

Her passive skill increases her HP, DEF, and DMG Reduction stats, making her a lot more tankier. Enemies attacking her will receive 1 stack of Marks of Forging. Her other passive, on the other hand, has a high chance of inflicting Vanishment to an attacker. Finally, her offensive skills further increase the instances of applying the Vanishment and Marks of Forging stacks.

S-tier DEF


Class: Light DEF

Role: Armor Break, Mark of Crit

Brynhildr’s main gimmick is the ability to apply Valkyrie Crests. These crests are stackable up to 10 times, cannot be removed, and will last until the end of battle. For each Crest applied to a target, the target takes 4% damage of the caster’s max HP. An explosion will be triggered when a Goddess lands critical damage to the target. This is quite powerful but due to the setup and requirements needed to maximize her kit, we’ll have to keep Brynhildr in the S-tier spot.

Brynhildr’s only offensive skill deals damage to all enemies with a chance to inflict Armor Break (DEF -40%) and Lifebane (affected unit cannot be healed) Thanks to one of her passives, her basic attacks deals damage based on a percentage of her HP and all attacks has a chance to apply Valkyrie Crest. Additionally, her other passive gives her a chance to inflict Valkyrie Crest on her attackers (if the attacker is a Support-type, the chance is increased to 100%)


Class: Demigod DEF

Role: Control Immunity, True DMG

Minos fulfills the role of both the tank and healer. Her passive allows her to automatically protect an ally with the lowest HP, increasing that ally’s damage reduction at the same time. She will also share the damage with the ally, with the large portion of the damage intended for that ally will be directed to her instead. Her other passive skill boosts her HP, DEF, and DMG Reduction. Furthermore, for every 3% of her HP that she loses, her DMG Reduction will increase by 1%.

One of her active skills allows her to remove any debuffs applied on her, while also healing herself, and applying Over Turn Healing and Control Immunity. Overturn Healing recovers the HP of a buffed unit each turn for two turns.

Finally, her other skill allows her to deal True DMG on all enemies based on a percentage of her max HP, with a chance to inflict the Animal Targeted status on them for two turns. If an enemy already has this status effect, another stack will be added. An unit affected by the Animal Targeted status will receive damage based on the portion of its current HP.


Class: Heroic DEF

Role: Control, Counter

Tyr’s kit has a good combination of survivability, disruption, and offense. Her passive grants her SPD Up stacks, which can increase her SPD to a maximum of 20%. This SPD buff lasts until the end of battle and cannot be dispelled. The same passive also guarantees her to unleash an unavoidable counterattack if she gets hit. Furthermore, if the attacker is a Fighter-type, the counter damage will be a guaranteed critical hit.

One of her active skills has a chance to inflict the Frightened status and Light Suppression. The Frightened status prevents the afflicted unit from taking any action for two turns and will suffer higher incoming damage from the next attack (based on the caster’s ATK stat). Light Suppression reduces the debuffed unit’s SPD for two turns. If enough Light Suppression stacks are applied to the target, it will become Confused instead. Confused units will basic-attack a random target (friend or foe) for two turns.

Finally, her other active skill applies the Death Dodge status to her and an ally with the lowest HP for two turns. This powerful effect prevents a unit from dying while the effect is active, allowing them to withstand fatal attacks. Additionally, Tyr also has a 50% chance to remove all ally’s negative status effects (100% chance of removal for allies with the same force as hers), and increase her and the applied ally’s Damage Reduction and Control Resistance for two turns.


That’s all our personal picks for the high tier DEF units in Goddess Era. Please check out our other articles for our picks for the best units in other classes!

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