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Goddess Era is an Idle-RPG where you can summon and collect alluring goddesses based on popular entities from popular folktales and fictional stories from various time periods of history. The game offers a lot of options to manage your goddesses ranging from leveling up, increasing their stars, leveling up their skills and more. The Palace is one in-game feature that players can open to access such features. In our Palace Guide, we will discuss the various additional actions players can utilize in this feature.


The Palace gives you access to the following actions/options:
* Star-up: Improve a goddess’ star by using shards and other goddesses as fodder
* Sacrifice: Destroy unwanted goddesses or units in exchange for Tier-up Crystals, Goddess EXP, Goddess Globe
* Rollback: Reduce the star of a 6* or above goddess and receive the full refund of materials used in the star-up process.

There are two methods of access this option:
1. You can tap the Goddess button then tap the Palace button in the lower-right corner.
2. You can select a goddess, then tap the link that says “To Palace”, as shown below.
Palace Guide


This process will increase the star of a goddess, permanently increasing her stats. You’ll need at least one copy of the goddess, and depending on the selected goddess’ initial star as listed below:

For 4-star goddesses, you’ll need the following:
* three copies of the same goddess
* any five copies of 4-star goddesses
* 4 copies of any 3-star goddesses.

For 5-star goddesses, you’ll need the following:
* two copies of the same goddess
* any four copies of 5-star goddesses
Palace Guide


In this option, you can sacrifice excess units to get some resources in return. You can get Tier-up Crystals, Goddess EXP, and Goddess Globes - depending on the grade/rarity of the unit that you’ll sacrifice. For example, if you sacrifice a 1-star unit, you’ll get 2 Tier-up Crystals and 100 Goddess EXP while sacrificing a 5-star unit will give you 250 Tier-up Crystals, 5000 Goddess EXP, and 250 Goddess Globe.

If you sacrifice a unit that’s been leveled up, the full amount of resources used to power up the unit will be refunded in full. That said, it’s better to use this option only to sacrifice 1-star up to 3-star units. 4-star units and above are better used as Star-Up materials instead. You can tap the Quick Place button to automatically select the 15 lowest-quality units from your roster.
Palace Guide


This option allows you to revert a 6-star or above goddess back to 5-star. Any goddesses that will exceed this level cap will be reverted back to LV100. After a rollback, the goddess’ equipped gears, jewelries and seals will be retained. At the same time, all Goddess Cards, materials, gold, goddess exp, and tier-up crystals used will be returned as well.

Additionally, if you roll back a 12-star or 13-star goddess, all Order Gems, Seals, or Seal Essences will be returned completely as well. To rollback a goddess, you’ll need a consumable item called Touch of Time or simply use diamonds. The Touch of Time can be purchased from the Item Shop or Growth Packs, or exchanged in the Team Arena Shop.
Palace Guide

That concludes our Palace Guide in Goddess Era. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Goddess Era content!

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