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Goddess Era Review: Borderline Lewd and Average Experience

Goddess Era Review: Borderline Lewd and Average Experience

Goddess Era by Happyfun Limited is an Idle-RPG where you can summon, collect, and create combat parties of alluring goddesses. The game features auto-combat, idle rewards, linear progression, and simplified hero management. However, these are also recurring, standard features that a lot of other mobile games under the same genre have. These familiar features and mechanics can be both Goddess Era’s strength and weakness; since the simplified and low learning curve required to play and enjoy the game makes it accessible to new players, even those not exposed (yet) to the genre. At the same time, this simplicity can easily bore experienced players who are looking for a deeper experience on top of collecting eye candy characters.

Now, let’s talk about the game’s main selling point. - the actual characters or “goddesses”. They are beautifully illustrated and they’re even made more alive with Live2D animation. These goddesses are based on popular fictional characters from different folktales and cultural sources. Sadly, aside from bearing the name of recognizable entities, there is really no in-depth lore or story here so don’t expect fleshed-out characters in the game’s roster. The goddesses’ designs are deliberately made to be sultry and appeasing, with a handful of characters already borderline naked. This focus on enticing players through voluptuous characters can easily attract or drive off players - depending on what they’re expecting.

As mentioned above, managing your angels is quite simple. You just need to give (or update) their equipment, use resources to upgrade and increase their levels, and manage their formation to name a few. You’ll continuously earn upgrade materials both when actively playing or when you’re offline so you’ll always be able to improve the growth of your goddesses even when you’re not actively playing the game.

The game’s turn-based battle system is automatic as well so you don’t really need to bother deciding which skills to activate or when to use them. The combat animations are quite tame and dull so don’t expect anything spectacular in combat, even when the characters are using flashy skills. Your goddesses also have classes or types. Forming a team with a good mix of these classes increases your chances of effectively dealing with any enemies you face. Of course, the decision to include the character in the team will be most likely driven by any or all of the following factors: rarity, skills, and personal taste.

When leveling up your characters, you’ll finally reach their Level Cap. This will prevent them from leveling up further. To get past this limiter, you’ll need to meet the required amount of Tier-up Crystal to break that limit and allow your character to be leveled up until the next cap. If you have used your resources on a character that you don’t want anymore, don’t worry. You can completely reset a goddess back to level via the “Rebirth” mechanic and all materials used for leveling up that goddess will be fully refunded back to the player. This saves time and effort for grinding new growth materials and wasting the ones used on a benched character.

The weapons, armor, and accessories needed by your goddesses can be obtained from idle rewards (rewards earned automatically as time passes, even if you’re offline). This keeps your entire team’s arsenal updated whenever you log back into the game and claim said rewards. Additionally, you don’t need to micromanage your angels’ gears. You can easily unload all their outdated gear then use the Quick Equip button for them to instantly wear the best gears available at the moment.

The game’s visual quality isn’t going to break any barriers or set standards. The goddesses are quite pleasant to look at but that’s about it. The UI is somewhat cluttered but forgivable. The home and adventure screen for example has an excessive number of icons that leads to various items for sale like characters, packs, and skins. The game doesn’t seem to be resource-extensive as well so screen transitions are quick and smooth. The combat system is fairly simple as well so there are no flashy animations or anything noteworthy either. The audio is also passable with good background music and sound effects. The goddesses are voiced by they usually only have a very limited number of voiced lines between them.

The game’s gacha system allows you to use Summon Tickets or Diamonds, the game’s premium currency. The latter can be easily acquired by buying them with real money but you can also earn them for free but in really limited numbers. There are three types of banners where you can summon from; Basic, Friendship, and Premium. These banners have a pity system which guarantees you to get a character with the specific rarity after a set number of summons. You’ll get a free summon for each banner daily.

The game’s in-game shop has a lot of different offerings, ranging from direct diamond purchases, subscriptions, bundles, or even skins. The game also incentivizes players who spend money regularly through the use of the VIP system. VIP players can enjoy permanent buffs and benefits like increased Auto-Battle EXP and Gold drops. However, some useful features hidden behind this paywall doesn’t make sense, like unlocking the 2x battle speed. This feature should be one of the default options, like what decent games normally do.

If you’ve been playing several gacha or mobile games like me, the presence of ads are usually telltale signs of the game’s quality. It is understandable why some developers include ads in their game but it should also be noted that excessive ads can still ruin a game’s overall appeal. Thankfully, outside the standard notifications of the game’s ongoing notifications of their limited sales, there are no intrusive 3rd party ads and you’re not required to view ads to collect your in-game rewards.

Goddess Era is yet another generic idle-RPG game that clearly knows their targeted audience. The characters are beautiful, the combat is simple and straightforward, and there’s no grinding needed. Sadly, the entire experience is still quite mediocre and average, to the point that it’s forgettable and dismissable. So if you think you like what you see and just want to have a chill, idle, gameplay experience, Idle Angels might be right up your alley. Try to play the game daily for at least a week and see if your gameplay experience is pleasant and if the game is worth your time.

4.0 / 5.0
Review by vhayste | Jul 15th 2022

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Review by GuestNov 14th 2022

Its a beautiful game, the graphics are great and it fun to play.

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