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Goddess Era: Support Tier List

Updated: Mar 8th 2023

In our Goddess Era Support Tier List page, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.


Support Tier List

Goddess Era by Happyfun Limited is an Idle-RPG where you can summon, collect, and create combat parties of alluring goddesses based on popular entities from popular folktales and fictional stories from various time periods of history. Of course, not all goddesses are on equal footing since they have their own roles, set of skills and talents which determine their viability in combat and their overall use.

In our tier list, we will cover which prominent goddesses you should aim to pull for, and which ones to build if you already have them in your party. We will be dividing this tier list into four parts so we can extensively cover the best characters per class/role. We’ll also narrow our list from SS to A so we can also focus on providing the necessary details about the featured characters’ kits. If you can’t see your favorite goddess included in the list, that doesn’t automatically make them bad. Of course you can still use them if you want since it is your game after all.


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


Goddess Preview and Skills

You can access the Goddess Gallery where you’ll be able to view details about each Goddess in the game, even if you haven’t summoned them yet. You can refer to the goddess’ entries in the gallery to learn more about their individual abilities, the required upgrade materials to improve them, their available skins, and a preview of their maxed out stats to name a few.

S-grade characters have four skills though they’ll start with only their first skill unlocked. As you level up their tiers, their successive skills will be unlocked as well. For goddesses featured in our list, these skills are also heavily considered since they can affect the flow of battle and the goddesses’ individual performances.

Tier List Summary

We will be dividing our list into three tiers: SS, S, and A.

* SS units are usually considered broken and having them in your squad will drastically increase your quality of life in-game.

* S tier units are still exceptionally strong but not as broken as the SS units.

* Finally, A-tier units are strong and reliable in their own right. You’ll do well having them but they won’t have that significant of an impact compared to our S and SS tiers.

Mage Tier List

SS Tier: Hades, Gabriel, King Arthur

S Tier: Izanami, Gilgamesh

A Tier: Hera, Cerberus, Kukulkan, Nero,

FTR Tier List

SS Tier: Michael, Athena, Thor

S Tier: Sun Wukong, Iskandar, Behemoth

A Tier: Artemis, Loki, Lionheart, Poseidon, Atropos

DEF Tier List

SS Tier: Hephaestus

S Tier: Brynhildr, Tyr, Minos

A Tier: Lachesis, Zeus, Eos

SUP Tier List

SS Tier: Raphael, Gaia

S Tier: Nyx, Anubis, Pandora

A Tier: Horus, Apollo, Orochi

SS-tier SUP

Support goddesses provide healing and apply essential buffs to their allies. Having at least one reliable support goddess will ensure the survivability of your team.


Class: Light Sup

Role: Group Healing, HP Transfer

Raphael is an excellent healer that can heal, apply buffs, and inflict Wrath to enemies. Wrath makes affected enemies lose HP (based on the caster’s ATK stat) whenever they receive damage for two turns. One of her passives gives her basic attacks a chance to inflict Wrath, and even a chance to inflict Wrath on her attackers.

Her bread-and-butter is her “Upper Realm Fountain” skill. This heals all allies and boosts their ATK by 30% for two turns. Furthermore, Raphael swaps her HP with an ally with the lowest HP and she also gains the Death Dodge buff, which allows her to withstand fatal damage for two turns.


Class: Natural Sup

Role: Chase, Protect

Gaia has a lot of powerful buffs at her disposal and ability to remove buffs on enemies, making her a very valuable support unit. One of Gaia’s passives allows her to deal DMG and remove a buff from an attacker, as long as her SPD is higher than the attacker.

Her Earth Favor skill increases the DEF of an ally with the highest ATK and the DMG of the other allies. Also, the ally with the highest ATK will gain the Terra Grace buff which automatically heals the bearer if her HP goes below a certain percent (activating this auto-heal will remove the buff). If the unit with Terra Grace dies, she’ll get automatically revived with some HP. (This effect will also remove the buff)

Her other active skill damages all enemies and removes 1 buff from each of them. If a Defender is hit by this attack, all buffs on that unit will be completely removed instead. At the same time, all allies with the lowest HPs get healed and gain the Counter Enchantment buff. This buff gives the unit immunity against damage (with the exception of certain damage sources) for two turns.

S-tier SUP


Class: Dark Sup

Role: Healing, Barrier

Nyx is another excellent support unit that provides protective buffs, some healing, and nasty debuffs to enemies thanks to her active and passive skills. To start off, one of her passives reduces the ATK of all foes by 20% at the start of battle. This lasts for four turns and can’t be dispelled. On top of the standard stat boosts, her other passive also grants two stacks of debuff immunity buff to an ally with the highest SPD.

One of her active support skills grants Over Turn Healing buff to all allies and Defense Enhancement to two allies with the lowest HP. Over Turn Healing functions like Regen, in which buffed units will recover HP every turn for two turns. This buff is stackable so it’s possible to have a higher amount of healing per turn. Finally, Defense Enhancement applies a damage-absorbing barrier equal to the caster’s ATK stat lasting for two turns.

Finally, Nyx’’s only offensive skill deals damage to all foes with a chance to inflict Vanishment on them. (Vanishment: debuffed unit receives damage equal to 30% of caster’s ATK for 2 turns, stackable). Additionally, this skill also grants the Death Dodge buff for two allies with the lowest HP, for two turns.


Class: Demigod Sup

Role: Healing, HP Transfer

Anubis is a solid passive healer, capable of automatically healing an ally with the lowest HP every start of the turn, thanks to her passive skill. Her support skill “Afterworld Breeze”, heals HP of three allies with the lowest HP. This buff also grants the Blessed by Wind buff and Crit DMG +20% to two random allies. Units buffed by Blessed by Wind gain increased DEF, Crit RES, and high chance to inflict Severe Slash to their attackers. This buff lasts 3 turns and can’t be dispelled.

Anubis’ second skill enables her to average/ balance out her HP and an ally with the lowest HP. (This effect won’t trigger if Anubis has the lower HP). She then heals herself and applies Defense Enchantment to two allies for two turns. Defense Enchantment applies a damage-absorbing barrier equal to the portion of Anubis’ HP.


Class: Heroic Sup

Role: Buff, Healing

Pandora has probably the one of the best healing and protective potential in the game, thanks to her passive healing and multi-buff healing, all packed in a single skill. First, let’s cover one of her passives - Sign of Fortune. This skill automatically heals an ally with the lowest HP at the start of the turn, while applying Crit Res for the entire turn.

Her only offensive skill deals damage to a random enemy and applies one of the three possible debuffs (Sleep, SPD reduction, ATK reduction) for two turns. This skill also applies Counter Enhancement buff to an ally with the lowest HP. This buff gives the unit immunity against damage (with the exception of certain damage sources) for two turns.

Finally, let’s cover Pandora’s support skill: Destruction and Rebirth. This allows her to heal the HP of all her allies, then convert any excess Healing amount into a protective Barrier lasting two turns. Furthermore, healed allies will also gain Over Turn Healing (heal every turn, for two turns, stackable). Finally, the same skill will also enable three allies with the highest ATK to deal more Magical Damage for two turns.


That’s all our personal picks for the high tier DEF units in Goddess Era. Please check out our other articles for our picks for the best units in other classes!

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