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Summoning (Gacha) System

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Summoning (Gacha) System
Goddess Era is an Idle-RPG where you can summon and collect alluring goddesses based on popular entities from popular folktales and fictional stories from various time periods of history. Of course, recruiting or summoning new goddesses are necessary for increasing your roster and getting a chance of securing rare, top-tier units. In our Summoning (Gacha) System guide, we will discuss how the game’s gacha system works.


If you’re playing other mobile games with gacha elements, then you’re already familiar with how the system works. If this is your first time encountering such a system, think of it as a lottery. You’ll need to spend premium currency or special items for a chance to get something from the pool of possible prizes/items/characters. The rarer/more valuable items or characters have a lower drop or appearance rate compared to their uncommon or common counterparts. Every pull is random and you can either be lucky or not.
Summoning (Gacha) System

The game’s gacha system allows you to use Summon Tickets or Diamonds, the game’s premium currency. The latter can be easily acquired by buying them with real money. You can also earn them for free by completing tasks and quests but in really limited quantities. There are three types of banners where you can summon from; Basic, Premium, and Friendship. Each banner has varying degrees of summon rates. To view the drop rate for each banner, you can tap the small question mark in the top-left corner of the screen.

The pity system is called Points Summon but it’s locked behind a paywall. (You need to reach VIP3 in order to unlock this feature) Every time you summon, you’ll earn points. Once you have collected at least 1000 points, you’ll be able to summon a guaranteed 5-star goddess. Of course, the goddess you’ll get will still be random.

Basic Summon

In this banner, you can only summon 1-star to 5-star goddesses using Basic Summon Tickets. This pool is quite large so the drop rate for 5-star goddesses is only 0.40%. Because of this, expect to get a lot of fodder or trash units.

Premium Summon

In this banner, you can either use a Premium Summon Ticket or Diamonds. Each summon costs 220 Diamonds but if you summon x10, it will only cost you 2000 diamonds (around 200 per summon). Due to this cost difference, it’s highly recommended to do single summons only if you have tickets and do x10 summons using your diamonds once you have enough saved up. The premium summon will only have 3-star to 5-star goddesses in its pool, giving you a significantly higher drop rate for 5-star goddesses (5.00%)

Friendship Summon

The only currency you can use to summon in this banner is Friendship Points. You can earn this by adding friends and sending “Friendship” (without deducting from your current Points) to them, up to 10 times a day. In return, you can also receive Friendship Points from your friends, up to 30 times daily. This limitation is refreshed every day, as par to the game’s daily reset. Each summon costs 100 FP and x10 Summon costs 1000 FP. You can get 2-star to 5-star goddesses here, with the latter having a summon rate of 1.00%.

It is highly recommended to summon regularly to obtain high-ranking goddesses that you can add to your roster. Play the game regularly, complete daily quests, participate in events, etc to get a chance to earn more diamonds and summon tickets. This way, you can maximize your summoning chances for free.

That concludes our Summoning (Gacha) System in Goddess Era. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Goddess Era content!

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