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Completing tasks and quests are integral parts of most games, regardless of genre. Completing these are a great source of experience, material, funds, and more. In Goddess Era, there are various tasks and quests that you can regularly complete. In our Tasks and Quests Guide, we will quickly discuss the different tasks and quests that you can tackle daily, weekly, and more.

Goddess Era is an Idle-RPG where you can summon and collect alluring goddesses based on popular entities from popular folktales and fictional stories from various time periods of history.

The game has a lot of tasks and quests to manage but you can find the regular ones by tapping the Clipboard icon in the top-left side of the Adventure or Home screens. From there, you’ll see four categories: To Do, Weekly, Trophies, and Advanced. The first two are repeatable and will reset as part of their daily or weekly schedule. The latter two are based on your overall game progression so they’ll only offer one-time rewards. We will cover each category below and provide more information.

Tasks and Quests

To Do

This is the game’s daily quest list. Since this is a daily quest, its content and the progress of the Activeness Gauge (more on that below) will be refreshed as part of the game’s scheduled daily content reset. Each task has its own reward and amount of Activeness Points that will contribute towards the Activeness gauge.

The Activeness Gauge is displayed on the top of the quest list. As you complete individual quests, their corresponding points will be added to the gauge. There are four bonus chests in the gauge. As long as you reach the score thresholds, you’ll be able to claim the chest’s contents. To get all chests, you’ll need to collect a total of 100 activeness points. The total amount of AP awarded by all the quests exceeds 100 so you don’t really need to complete all quests to get all bonus chests. Here’s the list of rewards you can get from the To Do quests bonus Activeness chests.

Activeness Target Rewards
25 Points 20 Diamonds, 10000g, 50 Pass Points
50 Points 30 Diamonds, 2 Basic Summon Ticket, 60 Pass Points
75 50 Diamonds, Raffle Ticket, 80 Pass Points
100 100 Diamonds, 50000g, 80 Pass Points

Here’s the list of all quests under this category (in no particular order):

Quest Reward AP Earned
Login to the game 20 Diamonds 5
Send Friendship to 5 friends 100 Friendship (points) 5
Do 3 summons 20 Diamonds 10
Fight 3 times in the Arena 2 Arena Tickets 15
Take 3 bounty quests 40000g 10
Craft gear at the Smithy 1 time 30000g 15
Raid 5 times 30 Diamonds 15
Fight or Raid Dragon’s Back 3 times 20 Tier-up Crystal 10
Fight any Guild Ordeal 3 times 50 Guild Contribution 15
Donate to your guild Basic Summon Ticket 10
Play Wail Abyss 1 time. Raffle ticket 10
Fight or Raid 2 times in any Daily Ventures Raffle ticket 10
Refresh Fancy Shop two times 30000 5

Weekly Quests

Weekly quests have a scheduled weekly reset and its own set of quests. However, unlike daily quests, there are no individual rewards for each task; only (weekly) activeness points. Like the daily quests, there are also four bonus chests that you can open every 25, 50, 75, and 100 points.

Here’s the list of rewards you can get from the Weekly quests bonus Activeness chests.

Activeness Target Rewards
25 Points Gold Chest (Big) 24H, 200 Tier-up Crystal, 200 Pass Points
50 Divinity Treasure, 10000 Bright Core, 400 Pass Points
75 200 Diamonds, Divinity Treasure, 500 Pass Points
100 2 Premium Summon Tickets, 500 Tier-up Crystals, 500 Pass Points

Here is the list of all weekly quests. You can earn 160 points for doing all the weekly quests so you don’t have to do them all (since there are no individual rewards anyway).

Quest AP Earned
Do 1 summon in Altar 10
Play Premium Wheel 1 time 10
Craft 3 Amulets 10
Shop 15x in Fancy Shop 10
Bet 4 times in Summit 20
Bet 2 times in Cross Summit Fight 10
Defeat 1F boss 3 times in Divinity Expedition. 20
Challenge Guild Champ 2x 20
Challenge Guild rivals 3x 10
Challenge Cross Arena 11 times 10
Successfully challenge Forbidden Area 15 times 10
Win 9 times in Eternity 10
Win 9 times in Tempest 10
Tasks and Quests


These are achievements that the player unlocks after meeting certain requirements. Even if the rewards are given one-time only, some of the tasks will get updated as well as their rewards. For example, for the task “Reach XX level”, once you reach the displayed account level, you’ll earn the reward and the task will get updated. This normally includes increasing the next target level (from 60 to 70 for example) where you can get a new set of rewards for completing in the future. If a task is about to be completed, just tap the “Go” button to get transported to where you can complete the task instantly.


This category is very similar to Trophies. It has four sub-categories in it, each with their own set of tasks. These are not meant to be completed immediately so you don’t really need to rush.

That concludes our Tasks and Quests Guide in Goddess Era. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Goddess Era content!

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