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Goddess Era is an Idle-RPG where you can summon and collect alluring goddesses based on popular entities from popular folktales and fictional stories from various time periods of history. The game offers a lot of options to manage your goddesses ranging from leveling up, increasing their stars, leveling up their skills and more. You can further increase your party’s combat power by tapping into the power of Dragons. In our Dragon Bonuses Guide, we will discuss how to take advantage of this feature.


Dragons in the game don't join you in actual combat but you can tap into their powers to increase your party’s stats, provide buffs, or assist you in battle through their skill effects. There are five different dragons in the game which you can upgrade individually, each with their own stat bonuses and skill effects. The value of these stats bonuses will increase as the dragon’s level increases.

Dragon Bonuses Guide
Dragon Boosted Stats Skill Effect
Ignis Luster Team ATK, Hit Rate, SPD Deal XXXXX true damage to four random enemies with a chance to inflict [Bleed] on them for two turns, making them lose HP every turn. Additionally, two random allies will deal 20% more damage to enemies with [Bleed] for two turns.
Aqua Luster Team DEF, DMG Reduction, SPD Deal XXXXX true damage to four random enemies with a chance to decrease their ATK by a certain percentage for two turns. Additionally, casts barriers worth 20% of the HP Cap of two random allies, lasting two turns.
Gale Luster Team Crit RES, Healing, SPD Deal XXXXX true damage to four random enemies, heals x% HP and increases 20% DEF of two random allies for two turns.
Dazzling Luster Team Dodge, Crit RES, SPD Deal XXXXX true damage to four random enemies, with X% chance to reduce their hit rate for two turns. Also makes two random targets to receive 20% more damage.
Hatred Luster Team Crit, Crit Damage, SPD Deal XXXXX true damage to four random enemies, with X% chance to stun two targets (at most), for two turns. This stun status will ignore the targets’ Control Resistance. Additionally, two random allies will get 20% ATK boost for two turns.

Upgrading Dragons

To upgrade a dragon’s level, you’ll need to use Breath Stones and gold. The former can be obtained from the Expedition and Rank shops. You can also Refine the dragon, permanently increasing its damage output. You’ll need Bright Cores and gold to increase the selected dragon’s Refinement level.

Each dragon has one active skill that will be triggered on Turn 3 and will get activated every three turns from hereon. You can further enhance the skill level by spending Dragon Scales and gold.

You can further improve the dragon’s stats by upgrading the dragon’s Tattoo using consumables called Elder Spirit. The amount of Elder Spirit available for use will be dictated by the dragon’s level.

Down the line, the game also offers an option to change skins of your dragons. Skin stats are computed on top of the dragon’s base stats. A skin can only be equipped on one Dragon at any time.

That concludes our Dragon Bonuses Guide in Goddess Era. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Goddess Era content!

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