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When playing through Dislyte, you’ll go through the game’s story mode with your team and clear different stages. One of the rewards that you can obtain is experience for your account in order to increase your account level. Dislyte is a game that provides you with a gradual progression in terms of features. This means that not all features are available at the beginning, so it won’t overwhelm you.

In this page, we’ll be providing you with our Unlockables list for Dislyte. This way, you’ll be able to check which features you’ll be acquiring next based on your progression. There are two ways for you to unlock content in the game, so let us check what you can expect form Dislyte.

How to unlock Features

When playing Dislyte, you’ll be completing different stages and battling with your team in the game’s story section. Starting from Story 1-1, you will move through different chapters and stages such as Story 1-2, 1-3, and so forth. The first number will refer to the current chapter you’re in, and the second number will refer to the stage. One of the ways for you to unlock features is by completing specific story stages that are required.

Features can be unlocked by completing specific story requirements
Features can be unlocked by completing specific story requirements

The next way for you to unlock features is by leveling up your account level. Whenever you complete a stage, the victory screen will appear with your battle results such as your rewards, as well as EXP acquired. EXP is provided for your account level, as well as your heroes. By filling up the EXP bar for your account, you will be able to level it up. Some features in the game require you to reach specific account levels.

Completing stages provides experience to increase your Account level
Completing stages provides experience to increase your Account level

By completing stages and leveling up your account, you will eventually be unlocking a lot of the features in the game. Once you have invested some time in playing Dislyte, you should have access to all available areas that the game has to offer. This means that stamina will be important for your progression as well, don’t forget to check the plaza for your daily gift that’s free. Increasing your account level will also increase your stamina limit, and you’ll recover stamina as well as receive Nexus Crystals.

Unlockables List

Now that you know how to unlock features in Dislyte, you can check the list right below to see what you can expect for completing story stages and reaching account levels. The table below groups the features according to your progression on the game’s story first, and then through account levels next.

Unlockable FeatureClear Requirement
Speed Up (2x/3x)Story 1-3
EchoStory 1-3
TrialsStory 1-5
Auto ModeStory 2-1
ShopsStory 2-8
DJ ContestStory 2-8
QuestsAccount Level 6
AchievementsAccount Level 7
Recon PlanAccount Level 7
War RoomAccount Level 7
BountiesAccount Level 13
Ritual MiracleAccount Level 13
Sonic MiracleAccount Level 15
Star PromotionAccount Level 15
AscensionAccount Level 15
ClubAccount Level 16
Infinite MiracleAccount Level 18
ArenaAccount Level 18
Point WarAccount Level 18
ExpeditionAccount Level 20

We’ll update this list accordingly if we find more unlockable features. In order to have access to all features in the game you must reach account level 20, which means you should finish a lot of story stages including story 2-8 onward.

We hope that this list helps you in your progression of the game. Make sure to check our guide menu often since we’ll have pages provided to you that can help in learning more about what the game has to offer. You can also check our tier lists for a guide for the different classes available. We hope that you’ll be able to unlock all features in order to enjoy Dislyte to its fullest.

This concludes our page for our Unlockables Guide in Dislyte. Please feel free to check our guide menu since we'll be posting other pages regarding the game's features. You can check out our Answers Page as well to see if there's any information that can be useful for you. If you have any comments, please leave them down below. We'd love to hear from you!

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