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There are a lot of games that you can play that will let you form different formations of characters in order to create your own teams. Dislyte is no different since there are a lot of Espers that can be acquired that can be added to your squad. Being a game with online elements, you’ll be playing with other players as well who have the same goals as you. What if you want to try out using your team and challenging other players? Thankfully, Dislyte has specific game modes that can let you test out your squad versus others.

In this page, we’ll be looking at the Point War feature that is accessible once you reach account level 18. If you want to test out your squad’s strength and acquire rewards in return, then this game mode is for you. Let’s check what the features of this mode can provide, as well as the benefits from playing it!

What is Point War?

The Point War is a system that lets you match versus the teams of other players. Unlike the game’s Arena mode, this system isn’t a live match. You will need to defeat the squad of other players which they have chosen as their defense. Completing a match in Point War lets you increase your own points, which will affect your current tier. Before playing, it would be best for you to set up your own defense team as well.

Set up your defense team, and challenge other player’s squads in order to acquire rewards
Set up your defense team, and challenge other player’s squads in order to acquire rewards

In order to participate in Point War, you’ll have to use an admission certificate. This resource is provided to you every 2 hours, and you can purchase up to 20 each day using Nexus Crystals. Take note that you can only hold up to 20 at maximum, therefore you will need to use the tickets in order to continue getting free ones if your storage has been maxed out.

Point War Mechanics

When checking the Point War interface, you will be able to see other players that you can battle. You will challenge them and use one certificate each time you battle, and you’ll be provided with a reward for a successful match. Aside from acquiring rewards, you can increase your Points which will determine your current tier as long as you win. You lose points for getting a match that results in a loss on your side.

There are 18 tiers total that are available, and you start from Tier 1. Tiers 1 to 11 are protected which means that they won’t lose their current tier for losing a squad. However, things will become challenging once you go from tier 11 to 18. Players from tiers 16, 17, and 18 will enter a leader board where the top 1000-101 are tier 17 while the top 100-1 will be the 18th tier. Your tier placement will determine your rewards.

Victories will provide rewards while losses will subtract your points
Victories will provide rewards while losses will subtract your points

When viewing the list of available opponents, you’ll find their account levels, team, as well as the preview of how many points can be acquired for defeating them. Some matches, however, do not provide points, but they can still provide supply vouchers.

Point War Rewards

So now that you know how Point War works, you might be wondering what the rewards are for competing in it. Whenever you complete matches, you can acquire Supply Vouchers which can be used at the tournament shop. These vouchers are provided to you each time you complete a winning round for the Point War.

You can also acquire a First Win Reward each day as long as you get a victory which lets you acquire Gold, Nexus Crystals, and Supply Vouchers. Also, your tier performance will directly affect your Weekly Reward. The higher points that you have, then the more rewards can be acquired each week. You’ll want to increase your points as much as you can if you are aiming for these rewards.

Weekly Rewards are provided based on your current tier performance
Weekly Rewards are provided based on your current tier performance

Players who want to be competitive will enjoy the winner rewards and season rewards for their tiers. This is a good place for you to acquire Nexus Crystals and Supply vouchers that you can use at the Tournament Shop.

This concludes our page for our Point War Guide in Dislyte. Please feel free to check our guide menu since we'll be posting other pages regarding the game's features. You can check out our Answers Page as well to see if there's any information that can be useful for you. If you have any comments, please leave them down below. We'd love to hear from you!

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