Dislyte Tier List: A+ Ranked Espers

by vhaysteJul 12th 2022

In our Dislyte A+ Rank Tier List page, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.


Dislyte Tier List: A+ Ranked Espers

Welcome to our Dislyte Tier List! In this page, we’ll be covering the different Espers that you’ll find in the game. Specifically, this list will provide you information about Espers who fit into the A+ rank categories in terms of overall functionality. Resources that you will need in order to improve your heroes will be limited, so you will want to focus on Espers that can help you clear through the different game modes that are available. Dislyte has a lot of characters available with their respective abilities and roles, you’ll want to have a balanced team in order to help you out with progressing through the game’s content.


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


Tier List Reminders

When playing through Dislyte, each Esper that you acquire will be able to have up to three abilities each. The Espers you can get can also vary in terms of rarity such as Legendary, Epic, Rare etc. Most of the time, the best skills you can acquire are from the highest rated units, however this isn’t the case for Dislyte. This tier list provides you with Espers from varying rarities, their abilities that they have will determine their overall performance in the different game modes available. As such, knowing which Espers are worth investing to will help you in focusing on which ones to improve.

For this list, we’ll be providing you with character overviews for the A+ Espers. Always take note that tier lists aren’t strict rules you must follow, we are only aiming to provide you with a guide that can help you in creating your own team formation. If you have favorite heroes in mind, feel free to create them as well. Remember, it’s your game and you still have the choice on what you want to do.

Once you have a balanced team, you will be able to create a formation with units benefitting from each other’s roles. Once you unlock more features in Dislyte, you will want to have a team that can help you clear the game’s content. Knowing more about their strengths will be beneficial!


A+ Tier List Overview

A+ - Catherine, Chloe, Donar, Lewis, Long Mian, Raven, Sienna, Tang Yun, Tiye, Triki, Ye Suhua



About Abilities

In Dislyte, some Espers have captain abilities that can provide buffs for the entire team, not all Espers have this ability, so make sure to check your Esper’s information. If you check online to learn more about an Esper’s skill, you will usually see abbreviations called A1, A2, and A3 which refer to Ability 1, Ability 2, and Ability 3. These are the icons that you can tap during battle, and they have their own respective cooldowns.

Even if each Esper has their specific roles such as Damage, Controller, Defender, and Support, their individual abilities will still determine their overall gameplay. Learning about their abilities will help you understand which team combinations will make them stronger. Aside from leveling up, you will still need other methods to become stronger such as providing them with relics as well.


Here’s the list of Espers that have made it to our A+ tier. Take note that our list provides Espers in alphabetical order only, they are not ordered in terms of who’s the strongest to the weakest.



Features: Support Skills, Increase Miss Rate, Increase AP, Remove Debuff, Survival

Catherine is a Support type Esper, and she excels in Point War and Fafnir. She can do decent support in Tower and Cube, but she might have difficulties with the rest of the game’s modes, especially Kronos. Her skills let her assist her team by removing debuffs that are applied, enemies can be debuffed in order to miss their attacks, and she can also increase their AP to get more turns. Her survival skills let her provide immunity to the team which can withstand strong attacks that can take your Espers down in a single blow. Because of her ability combinations, she’s preferable for using in Point War which is faster paced.



Features: DPS, Steals Buffs, Blocks Buffs

Chloe is a Fighter type Esper, she excels in Point War (Attack), Kronos, and Apep but she might have a hard time in Fafnir. Her abilities focus on dealing damage to her enemies which lets her steal buffs as well. Not only that, but she can prevent enemies from getting buffed by blocking them. Her damage potential will be based on how much buffs she has, therefore stealing enemy buffs as well as acquiring more from her team’s support will definitely make her stronger.



Features: Tank, Immunity, DPS, Increase DEF

Donar is a Tank type Esper, and he excels in Point War, and the Cube. He does decently in the other modes, but he can have a hard time in Apep and Fafnir. As a tank, his abilities focus on his defenses and survival. He can increase his own defense stat, get immunity from attacks, and provide supplementary damage. With this in mind, his AP might be low therefore he will need support from Espers that can keep him alive with heals and other skills.



Features: DPS, Increase Crit Rate, Increase AP

Lewis is a Fighter type Esper, his abilities make him excel in the Cube, Kronos, Apep, and Tower. However, he can struggle in Point War, and especially Fafnir. His abilities are focus on taking down one enemy at a time, but he can have high damage potential. He can obtain buffs that increase his Crit Rate, as well as increase his AP in order to get more turns. With this playstyle, you’ll want him to have speed in order to keep his momentum for dealing critical hits. Due to his single target nature however, he might not be suitable in other types of modes which would be better if AoE abilities are used.



Features: Support Skills, Decrease SPD, Reduce Enemy AP, AoE, Freeze Debuff

Long Mian is a Controller type Esper, he excels in the game’s Story, Point War, Cube, and Tower modes. However, he might abilities might not be suitable for Apep and Fafnir. His skills let him debuff enemies by freezing them, he can also provide you with more turns by decreasing enemy speed and AP. His captain ability provides him with more speed, which will in turn let him dish out more control skills which is useful for specific modes such as those listed above. Combining him with Espers that can help take out enemies with high DPS alongside him will be really useful in terms of damage potential.



Features: DPS, Mark, Steals Buffs, Decrease DEF, Remove Debuff, Removes Buffs, AoE

Raven is a Fighter type Esper, and one of the few units with the Shimmer element. She excels in Point War, the Cube, and Tower modes of the game but she can struggle in areas like Apep and Fafnir. Her abilities improve her own DPS capabilities by removing buffs from your opponents. Not only that, but she can steal buffs, and decrease enemy DEF which will be useful if there’s also another fighter type Esper that can target them. Overall, she’s a balanced DPS Esper that will work well with any team formation.



Features: Increase AP, Increase ATK, Increase SPD, Reduce Enemy AP, Stun Debuff

Sienna is a Support type Esper, and she excels in the Story, Cube, Tower, and Point War modes of the game. She might have difficulties however in Kronos and Fafnir. Her supportive skills let her increase your AP and Speed which will let you get more turns, as well as debuff opponents by reducing their AP, as well as stunning them. Not only can she manipulate turns, but you can improve your ATK for your damage potential. With this in mind, she works as a great support for buffs, as well as a semi-controller. You will still need other support types however, if you are looking for healing.



Features: DPS, Stun Debuff

Tang Yun is a Fighter type Esper, he excels in the Cube, Fafnir, and Tower game modes. He does fine in the game’s Story and Point War (Attack), but he might struggle in the rest of the modes such as especially Kronos and Point War (Defense). As a Fighter type, he focuses on dealing strong damage, but this can be limited to a single target. However, he will need some time to build which requires him to crit, so he might require specific team mates to provide him with buffs.



Features: Control Skills, Steals AP, Decrease SPD

Tiye is a Controller type Esper, she excels in a lot of the game’s modes, but she can have difficulties in Apep, and will really have a disadvantage in Fafnir. Aside from those modes, her abilities are great for the other game modes since she can steal enemy AP and redistribute it for the team. She also has a captain ability that increases speed, so she’s great to have if you want a team that focuses on getting more turns. This is very useful if you have heavy hitters in your team that will want to use their attacks more often.



Features: Support Skills, Healing Skills, Decrease ATK, Invincibility, Increase ATK, Increase DEF

Ye Suhua is a Support type Esper, she can be added to your team from the Ripple Dimension. She’s an overall balanced support which is suitable for most game modes except for Fafnir. Her skills help her allies by increasing their ATK and DEF, she can help her fellow Espers last through a battle with healing and invincibility support. With all of these ability combinations, she can fit to any type of team formation since they will all benefit from her support.

This concludes our A+ List for Dislyte. We hope this information has helped you with your team building in the game. Take note that Tier Lists are never final, and they may be subject to change. Some Heroes in the game can get changes in terms of their skills through balance changes as well, and there will be more Heroes available in future updates.

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