Dislyte Tier List (June 2024)

By Paul | Updated: Apr 23rd 2023

Our Dislyte tier list can be a useful resource for you when building the composition of your team. In Dislyte, the team that you build up is then used in order to attack enemies, and they each have different abilities that make up their skill set. Your turns are done in a specific order by using Action Points, therefore higher speed will provide you with faster turns. In order to become stronger, you will need to use up resources for your Espers. With many characters being added, it's inevitable that some will be stronger than others thanks to their skill set. Having a tier list in hand will help you out in knowing which characters are worth investing.

Dislyte Tier List (June 2024)
Dislyte Tier List (June 2024)

By knowing the placement of characters in terms of their strength, you will be able to see if your character choice is worth leveling up or not. However, you should take note that there are no strict rules that you need to follow when creating your team, you can use this list as a guide instead. Tier lists can change over time with new updates that are provided, and some characters may even receive changes that can affect their abilities.

Dislyte Tier List

If you wish to start building your team, you can check our Dislyte Tier List (April 2023) for the overall rankings that are provided, we'll also be providing descriptions to some of the best legendary characters that are available. You can find out which Espers rank as the best, as well as which ones you will want to avoid using. Our tier list ranks the Espers accordingly from strongest to weakest: S+, S, A, B, C

S+ Tier - Best

S Tier - Excellent

A Tier - Good

B Tier - Average

C Tier - Bad

S+ Tier

Ahmed, Alice, Anesidora, Ashley, Cecilia, Clara, Embla, Everett, Feng Nuxi, Gabrielle, Gaius, Jiang Jiuli, Jiang Man, Jin Yuyao, Leora, Meredith, Ollie, Triki, Unas, Zhong Nan

S Tier

Asenath, Berenice, Brewster, Camille, Chloe, Dhalia, Drew, Eira, Fatum Sisters, Heng Yue, Hyde, Intisar, Jin-Hee, Koharu, Lewis, Li Guang, Lin Xiao, Long Mian, Lu Yi, Lucas, Ophelia, Sally, Sander, Sienna, Tang Xuan, Taylor, Tevor, Tiye, Uday, Xiao Yin, Xie Chuyi, Xie Yuzhi, Ye Suhua, Yun Chuan

A Tier

Bardon, Biondina, Bonnie, Cang Ji, Catherine, Celine, Chalmers, Chang Pu, Djoser, Donar, Fabrice, Freddy, Lauren, Leon, Li Ao, Li Ling, Luo Yan, Melanie, Mona, Nick, Nicole, Parmi, Ren Si, Stewart, Tang Yun, Unky Chai, Zora

B Tier

Alexa, Brynn, Daniel, Hall, Helena, Ife, Kara, Raven

C Tier

Arcana, Aurelius, Bai Liuli, David, Daylon, Elliot, Falken, Jacob, Jeanne, Kaylee, Laura, Layla, Lynn, Narmer, Q, Zelmer

S+ Esper Tier List Descriptions

Among the S+ tier characters we have listed above, here are our top seven picks from that tier. Basically, these are what we think are the best of the best.


Origin: Egyptian Mythology (Geb)

Ahmed is a good support Esper that does well with the game's story, fafnir, tower, and point war modes thanks to his abilities. He might have some difficulties however in the Cube mode. His skills let him buff his allies that reduces their cooldown which is really useful for other team members such as fighters with strong damage. Not only that, but he can also provide increased ATK buffs as well as supplementary healing which increases your team survival.


Origin: Greek Mythology (Hera)

Clara is a very well rounded support Esper since she excels with a lot of available modes in Dislyte such as the Story mode, Cube, Apep, Fafnir, Point War, and Tower modes. She is able to provide great healing for her team which will help in survival, and she can even remove debuffs that can hinder your other characters. Not only is healing her forte, but she can also increase your team's survival by providing shields as well as AP.

Feng Nuxi

Origin: Chinese Mythology (Nuwa)

Feng Nuxi is a strong Control type Esper, she's able to remove the buffs of enemies and provide bonuses to herself. She can hit several enemies while debuffing them which also increases their cooldown. Her bonuses can grant more AP, and she can even reset the ability cooldown of 1 ally. Additional buffs can be granted as well by providing speed up for all allies, which will help you in getting more turns.


Origin: Norse Mythology (Njord)

Gabrielle is a support Esper that can excel in most game modes available, most notably in Point War and Apep. Her supportive abilities can provide increased defense for your team, as well as immunity which will help in overall survival and she can also debilitate enemies by reducing their attack stats as well as defense stats. Even though her skill set is simple, it's very effective for battles since its applicable for a lot of modes.


Origin: Greek Mythology (Zeus)

Gaius is a Fighter type Esper which is capable of dealing a lot of damage. His specialty lets him swap different two types of modes with their own ability sets. First, he has a Normal mode which lets him acquire ACC bonus while inflicting sear when dealing damage. He can also extend target debuffs, stun them, or dispel all enemies' buffs. In his God King mode, he can deal more damage thanks to a higher C. RATE. He can deal AoE damage, and his other skills deal stronger hits in general.


Origin: Greek Mythology (Athena)

Leora is a Fighter type Esper which has good damage as well as abilities that can help out her team. Her attacks can reduce enemy AP and inflict Sear on them, and in doing so she can reset her cooldown in order to deal more damage. She can provide all allies with the Standoff buff. She can become tough to take down as well by acquiring invincibility and higher attack power. Thanks to her skill set, she's well rounded to use for all modes available in the game.


Origin: Egyptian Mythology (Shu)

Unas is a good support Esper, and is one of the few characters that have the Shimmer element. He can be used in a lot of the game's different modes, but might have some trouble at Apep. Thanks to his high AP, he can use his abilities often. He can debuff enemies in order to lower their defenses, provide you with immunity, as well as deal extra damage on the side. With higher speed, he'll be able to excel is his role in supporting.

Dislyte Tier List Summary

This concludes our Dislyte Tier list. We hope that this has helped you out when building your team. There are a lot of team combinations you can make, so knowing which Espers to use your resources on will be useful. Take note that updates can be added to the game which can provide new skills, or even updated ones. Feel free to check our other pages for more content!

Mixing mythology with an urban twist is something you don't see often. Dislyte is a free to play RPG that is developed by Farlight Games and is available on iOS and Android Devices. In this game, you get to recruit different characters called Espers, and they represent specific figures in mythologies such as Anubis, Valkyrie, Athena and a whole lot more.

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