Dislyte Tier List: S+ and S Ranked Espers

Jul 12th 2022

In our Dislyte Tier List page, we will cover which S+ and S-ranked Espers are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.

Dislyte Tier List: S+ and S Ranked Espers
Dislyte Tier List: S+ and S Ranked Espers

Welcome to our Dislyte Tier List! In this page, we’ll be covering the different Espers that you’ll find in the game. Specifically, this list will provide you information about Espers who fit into the S+ and S rank categories in terms of overall functionality. Resources that you will need in order to improve your heroes will be limited, so you will want to focus on Espers that can help you clear through the different game modes that are available. Dislyte has a lot of characters available with their respective abilities and roles, you’ll want to have a balanced team in order to help you out with progressing through the game’s content.


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


Tier List Reminders

When playing through Dislyte, each Esper that you acquire will be able to have up to three abilities each. The Espers you can get can also vary in terms of rarity such as Legendary, Epic, Rare etc. Most of the time, the best skills you can acquire are from the highest rated units, however this isn’t the case for Dislyte. This tier list provides you with Espers from varying rarities, their abilities that they have will determine their overall performance in the different game modes available. As such, knowing which Espers are worth investing to will help you in focusing on which ones to improve.

For this list, we’ll be providing you with character overviews for the S+ and S Espers. Always take note that tier lists aren’t strict rules you must follow, we are only aiming to provide you with a guide that can help you in creating your own team formation. If you have favorite heroes in mind, feel free to create them as well. Remember, it’s your game and you still have the choice on what you want to do.

Once you have a balanced team, you will be able to create a formation with units benefitting from each other’s roles. Once you unlock more features in Dislyte, you will want to have a team that can help you clear the game’s content. Knowing more about their strengths will be beneficial!


S+ and S Tier List Overview

S+ - Clara, Gabrielle, Sally

S – Ahmed, Fabrice, Li Ling, Lin Xiao, Lucas, Narmer, Unas



About Abilities

In Dislyte, some Espers have captain abilities that can provide buffs for the entire team, not all Espers have this ability, so make sure to check your Esper’s information. If you check online to learn more about an Esper’s skill, you will usually see abbreviations called A1, A2, and A3 which refer to Ability 1, Ability 2, and Ability 3. These are the icons that you can tap during battle, and they have their own respective cooldowns.

Even if each Esper has their specific roles such as Damage, Controller, Defender, and Support, their individual abilities will still determine their overall gameplay. Learning about their abilities will help you understand which team combinations will make them stronger. Aside from leveling up, you will still need other methods to become stronger such as providing them with relics as well.


S+ Rank Espers

Here’s the list of Espers that have made it to our S+ tier. Take note that our list provides Espers in alphabetical order only, they are not ordered in terms of who’s the strongest to the weakest.



Features: Immunity, Support Skills, Healing Skills, Increase Self AP, Removes Debuffs, Shield

Clara is a Support type Esper, and she excels in most of the modes that are available in the game. She does well in the game’s Story, Cube, Apep, Fafnir, Tower, and Point War modes. In terms of Kronos mode however, she ranks might perform lesser than the other modes, but she’s still good. She has abilities that let her heal all of her allies, and she can also remove any debuffs that ail your team, buffs can be provided as well if there are no debuffs to remove which will help with your team’s survival such as providing shields. Not only that, but she can speed up your team’s actions by increasing their AP as well.



Features: Supportive Skills, Decrease DEF, Decrease ATK, AoE, Immunity

Gabrielle is a Support type Esper, and she excels in most modes that are available in the game. She provides good support especially in Point War and Apep, and does great with the rest of the modes except for Kronos. Her supportive skills can provide defensive capabilities for your team which will prolong your survival, she can also debuff enemies by reducing their stats. Her base speed is also excellent therefore she’ll have higher AP. With this in mind, she can use the immunity buff for her team which will prevent your enemies from applying debuffs of their own. Not only can buffs be provided, but she can also give additional damage to help taking down enemies.



Features: Immunity, Remove Debuff, Increase ATK, Healing Skills

Sally is a Support type Esper, and she excels in most modes that are available in the game. Her skills are useful especially in Point War as well as the Tower, and she can handle well on other modes except for Kronos which may require other abilities. Sally can increase your team’s survival by healing and providing immunity, and she can remove debuffs that can be detrimental. Thanks to her abilities, she can work well Espers with damage reduction abilities. She can provide damage increasing buffs which will definitely help out the offensive Espers as well. Overall, she’s a great Esper to have in any combination.


S Rank Espers

Here’s the list of Espers that have made it to our S tier. Take note that our list provides Espers in alphabetical order only, they are not ordered in terms of who’s the strongest to the weakest.



Features: Increase ATK, Healing Skills, Cooldown Reduction, Support Skills

Ahmed is a Support Esper, and he does well in the game’s Story, Fafnir, Tower, and Point War modes. He might struggle a bit the Cube mode, so take note of this. His abilities let him provide buffs to the team that can reduce their cooldown, therefore it’s great for Espers who have strong offensive abilities. Not only can their cooldown be reduced, but he can also increase their ATK which helps in more offense, and can provide some healing for survival.



Features: Support Skills, Increase AP, Immunity, Invincibility, Healing Skills

Fabrice is a Support type Esper, and he does well in the Point War and Apep modes. He can provide decent support in the game’s story and tower modes, but he might have troubles supporting in Kronos. His abilities let him provide buffs to allies that can make them immune and invincible to attacks, this can be situational though, hence it works well in specific modes. He can make other Espers faster by increasing their AP, which is useful for bringing your offenses earlier. Thanks to his ability set, he can go well with other roles of Espers in your team.



Features: DPS, Steals AP, Heals Self

Li Ling is a Fighter Type Esper, and he can be obtained from the “Beginner’s Special” feature when playing the game. He damaging abilities works great in majority of the game’s modes, but you must take note that he can struggle in Apep and Fafnir. He can increase his offenses by stealing enemies’ AP, and can sustain himself with healing. His DPS is good since the damage he can deal is based on his target’s HP. High HP opponents are features in some of the game’s modes.



Features: DPS, Bleed Debuff, Decrease SPD, Decrease DEF, Decrease AP.

Lin Xiao is a Fighter type Esper, she works great in majority of the game’s modes in terms of damage, but take note that she might struggle with Fafnir as well as defending in Point War. Her abilities really focus on her damage potential in order to deal strong blows. Not only that, but she can debuff her opponents such as making them bleed, decreasing their speed, def, and even AP. With her ability combination, she works well with any Esper team formation.



Features: Stun Debuff, AoE, Increase Self AP, Removes Buffs

Lucas is a Controller type Esper, you can add him to your team once you have cleared floor 100 in the Spatial Tower. He excels in most game modes available except for Fafnir and Apep. His abilities let him help the team by crippling opponents such as stunning all of them, he can also reduce their efficiency by removing any buffs they have. He can also increase his own AP, which will help him in his disabling much more, and this ability set is really useful in Point War.



Features: DPS, Increase ATK

Narmer is a Fighter type Esper, and he can deal high damage with his abilities. He’s useful to have in a lot of the game’s modes, but he might struggle in Fafnir. His abilities let him increase his own attack, which in turn can power up his A3. However, this will require setting up in order for him to max out his damage potential. You will need to support him with Espers that can protect him, heal him, while he stacks his burning sun in order to ignore up to 40% of his enemy’s defense.



Features: Decrease DEF, Immunity, AoE, Increase Self AP

Unas is a Support Type Esper, and one of the few units with the Shimmer element. He excels in all game modes available except for Apep, but he’s still a great support nonetheless. His AP is high which can let him use abilities more. He can decrease your enemies’ defenses, provide immunity, and has supplementary damage with his AoE. By providing him with proper relics, you can increase his speed more which will let him have better AP making him get more turns. This can help his passive more by providing immunity for 1 turn for all of his team.

This concludes our S+ and S Tier List for Dislyte. We hope this information has helped you with your team building in the game. Take note that Tier Lists are never final, and they may be subject to change. Some Heroes in the game can get changes in terms of their skills through balance changes as well, and there will be more Heroes available in future updates.

Tier list by Appgamer Staff Aryafortis

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