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When playing through the story mode in Dislyte, you’ll be able to go through different chapters which contain a variety of stages each. As you encounter more stages, enemies become stronger along the way. One of your main goals in order to progress is to make your own team of Espers stronger as well. One of the ways that you can do this is through the different Trials that are offered for you.

In this page, we’ll be checking out the Ritual Miracle trial that you can find in Dislyte. As you clear more of the game’s adventure content, you will need to keep up the pace in terms of making your Espers stronger. When checking out your heroes, you will see that you can equip them with items to make them stronger called Relics. Let’s check what the Ritual Miracle trial can do for you.

What is the Ritual Miracle?

As you increase your account level, you’ll be able to unlock trials that can provide you with new challenges. One of these trials is called the Ritual Miracle, and you’ll be able to defeat waves of enemies as well as a huge boss in order to get their corresponding rewards. There are also three types of bosses that you can face. Kronos is available upon unlocking the Ritual Miracle trial, while Apep and Fafnir can be unlocked once you reach account level 13 and 22 respectively.

Defeat waves of enemies as well as a Boss at the end in order to acquire Relics
Defeat waves of enemies as well as a Boss at the end in order to acquire Relics

Defeating each boss will let you choose a difficulty stage. You start from 01 and you will need to defeat the current difficulty to unlock the next one, and you will challenge that to keep unlocking more difficulties. You can even challenge up to Difficulty 16, and you should take note that higher difficulties will require more stamina, but they provide better rewards.

Ritual Miracle Trial Mechanics

So, how does the Ritual Miracle trial work? Upon choosing the boss that you’ll find, as well as its difficulty, you will need to set up your Esper team and you’ll be fighting enemy waves as well as a huge boss towards the end. These bosses are Kronos, Apep, and Fafnir respectively. They have specific skills they use, and they also provide you with unique drops each.

Defeat the boss at the end of the waves in order to acquire your rewards
Defeat the boss at the end of the waves in order to acquire your rewards

Similar to adventure, the fights that you have will require you to defeat all initial waves by reducing enemy HP to zero. You can play through the battles manually, or through auto-mode as you wish. Higher difficulties will provide you with more battles and challenging bosses. Each boss has unique traits as follows:

  • Kronos: This boss can target Espers with the lowest health, therefore it can ruin your strategies if you need specific skills. Any Esper that falls in battle will provide Kronos with an extra turn, and he also has an area damage skill that will hit your entire squad. In order to defeat Kronos, you either need to have a good team that can deal as much damage as possible within a short period, or you will need good support that can keep your team alive. Lowering his speed can affect his AP which will make him hit less as well.

  • Apep: This boss can deal damage over time thanks to its poison ability. Because of this, your Esper can lose HP quickly regardless of their defensive capabilities. Also, poisoned targets can be damaged additionally by Apep. Having a team that provides you with healing as well as dispelling debuffs can be beneficial. You can also use Espers that can provide immunity from poison.

  • Fafnir: This boss is considered the strongest, hence it’s unlocked later on. It has the highest health bar and it can freeze opponents and hit with high damage. In order to challenge Fafnir, you’ll need a team that has properly equipped relics that can provide as much damage as possible. You will need good healing and debuffing support, as well as defenses in order to survive Fafnir’s attacks.

  • Ritual MIracle Rewards

    Now that you know about the different available bosses in the Ritual Miracle trials, you’ll also notice that the rewards provided will be dependent on the boss that you’ll fight, as well as the difficulty you can clear. When choosing a stage, you can get a preview of the possible rewards already, which you can see are a lot of relics. Here is the list of rewards of the bosses can offer:

  • Kronos: War Machine, Wind Walker, Snow Dowager, Master rove, Stoneveins, Apollo’s Bow
  • Apep: Hades, Abiding Panacea, Ocean Waves, Sword Avatara, Adamantine, Fiery Incandescence
  • Fafnir: Tyranny of Zeus, Hammer of Thor, Astral Witchcraft, The Enchanter, Immensus Peak, The Light Above

    Your end goal is to acquire relics that can increase your Esper’s stats. As you unlock more difficulties of each Ritual Miracle boss, you’ll be able to get better relic sets. Slowly work on better teams and relics and aim to get the best ones that can be offered on the highest difficulty.

    This concludes our page on the Ritual Miracle in Dislyte. Please feel free to check our guide menu since we'll be posting other pages regarding the game's features. You can check out our Answers Page as well to see if there's any information that can be useful for you. If you have any comments, please leave them down below. We'd love to hear from you!

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