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Dislyte Review – Stylish RPG with flair and music

Dislyte Review – Stylish RPG with flair and music

Dislyte is an RPG that lets you gather heroes with godlike abilities. You’re in a world that features urban and mythological elements where you’ll be able to use your heroes in battle in order to take enemies down. Each hero that you have has their own corresponding skill sets, and your action gauge will determine which order of attacks are done. As you complete more story stages, you’ll be unlocking features such as the club, trials, shops, arena, and more. Your team composition will determine the success of your battles to come.

Dislyte features various characters that you can acquire by using Records. Each hero available has a set of skills that can synergize well with other types of characters. Because of this, you’ll want specific characters together when team building, especially if they can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. With summoning, there will be some gacha elements in the game. Dislyte is ad-free and it’s free to play, but a shop is also available in the game that lets you purchase items that can help you in your progression such as acquiring EXP, Heroes, Gold, etc. You can still play the game as F2P however, and deciding to purchase from the shop is entirely optional.

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When playing the game for the first time, you’re prompted to play the initial tutorial which will provide you with the basics. As you complete the first chapter in the game, you’ll be provided with a set of heroes to start off. You will learn that the gameplay is based on using one skill for each hero whenever it’s their turn, and this is determined by their speed which affects their action gauge.

Each hero has a set of skills with different abilities, including damage dealing skills as well as supportive skills. By knowing which set of skills to use in order, you’ll be able to maximize the efficiency of your team such as buffing your allies first to increase their attack, and then unleashing damaging skills on the next turn. You’ll eventually gain access to the game’s auto feature which will let your heroes choose their skills on their own.

Not only will you have to learn about the skills of your heroes, but you will also have to consider the elemental advantages. An element triangle is also a feature in this game which will provide you with a combat boost if you hit enemies that are weaker to the element of your hero.

Your heroes have various stats you’ll have to consider, and you will have to make use of various methods to make them stronger. You can provide your characters with relics to get increased stats, provide them with advancement, ascension, and increase their resonance. Since resources are needed, you’ll need to consider which heroes you’ll be using often.

Review of Dislyte on AppGamer.com

Features are unlocked as you progress through the game’s story stages, as well as increasing your account level. You’ll be able to get features such as the club, DJ Contest, War Room, Bounties, and a lot more as you keep on playing the game. Progression is gradual, and things aren’t thrown to you immediately at the start, so you’ll have time to adjust to the game at a steady pace.

Dislyte has a very unique art style with features mixing urban and mythological components. The world seems to be futuristic, yet you have characters that resemble Cupid and Anubis who can join your team. Each hero has striking designs with colors that pop, and a lot of the surroundings feature neon lights as well. The game’s interface is easy to navigate around as well, so you won’t feel lost when checking it out. The story is presented as well through comic like dialogue, and it provides you with more details regarding the game’s lore, of course you can also skip the story if you wish to get into the game as soon as possible.

The game features voice acting for the different heroes and enemies which provides them with individuality. Another feature of the game is its music choice featuring upbeat tunes, rock and roll, hip hop, and a lot more. Their sound design is one of the main highlights, and it’s suggested for you to wear headphones in order to get the best experience. If you stay on the game’s main menu, you’ll be presented with music that you can enjoy, and its presented in a style such as listening to the radio.

Progressing in the game is gradual, but take note that things might come to a slow pace as you reach the mid stages. Eventually, you’ll need to focus on making your heroes stronger in order for them to move forward, so you will need to gather resources. With various heroes to choose from, and great visual and sound effects, Dislyte is an enjoyable game for you to try out.

- Review by Aryafortis (Appgamer Staff)

4.7 / 5.0
Review by vhayste | Jun 3rd 2022

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