Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Part 7

Part 7
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Guide

In Part 7 of Murder Inn you have return to the main house to talk to Frank. But he isn't in his study. Look for clues to find him.
Part 7

Star: Top center of the scene in a frame.

Tap to collect the key on the table to the left. And also collect a paper clip from the box next to it.

Tap the typewriter to view it and then the page to see the clue message.
Part 7

Tap on the grey box in the center of the bookshelf behind the chair. Then collect a magnifying glass.
Tap the bin next to the desk to view a clue on a paper.
Part 7

Use the key on the desk drawers to open them. Then tap to view the box on the desk to the left. This is a coin collection of US one cent coins.
You can use the magnifying glass to examine them.
Next tap the other coin collections in the drawers, examine these as well.

Tap on the black case on the floor to view the lock. Enter the 3 digit code.
Hint: 3 numbers from the coin collections, in the order from the paper in the bin.Show
Solution: Look for 1 coin in each collection that is in mint (perfect) condition.Show
Code: 436Show

Collect a book from the case.

Tap the lowest shelf to the left of the desk to collect a second book.

Tap the corner of the rug at the bottom to find a paper under it, you can view this for a clue.

Next tap the bookshelf to the right, just to the left of the lamp.
Part 7

Tap each shelf to move the books left and right.
Hint: move the books to match the clue on the paper from under the rug.Show

You can now collect a third book.

Next tap the door to the right to move through to the next room.
Part 7

Star: on the small lamp by the door.

Tap to view the case on the left to see train carriages with letters. This is a clue.
Part 7

Next on the lower right of the room is a lock on a drawer. Tap this and enter the code
Hint: The trains above have letters with lines telling you the order.Show
Code: VERAShow

Collect the track pieces from the drawer.

Tap on the board on the right to view a track layout. You now need to place the box of pieces on the board to start a puzzle.
Part 7

Tap each square to add / change pieces, you need to collect and the fixed pieces and make a track from 1 tunnel to the next. You also need to include the same number of pieces in each rown and column as the numbers listed on the left and bottom of the board.
Solution: Part 7Show

A train will appear. Take a note of the colours of the pieces. Green, Blue, Yellow, RedShow

Next tap on the control panel in the center.
Part 7

Tap the lower panel to remove it and then pace the paperclip in the gap. The lights will come on, all red.

We can use the switches to set the colours of the lights. We need to set the colours as above.
Hint: The 2 left switches (1 and 2) select with light you are changing. The 2 right switches (3 and 4) select the colour to change it to and then the button on the right will make the change.
Solution: 1 up , 2 up, 3, down , 4 down, Set button to make first light green.
1 up, 2 down, 3 up, 4 down. Set second light blue
1 down, 2 up, 3 down, 4 up, Set third light yellow.
if needed: 1 down, 2 down, 3 up, 4 up, set fourth light red.

A train appear on the left, collect a key.
Use the key on the top left cabinet to collect a fourth book

Tap the door at the back to return to the study.

Tap on the shelf to the right next to the door to see 4 bottles of wine. There are different amounts in each and a year.
Part 7

Next back up and tap the bookshelf to the left of the desk to view it. Place the 4 found books on the shelves.
There are 8 books on each shelf and you can tap them to arrange them left and right. Place them correctly.
Part 7

Hint: The wine bottles give numbers and the level is the order top to bottom.Show
Solution: The wine years in order are: 62, 35, 71, 44. Each 2 digits adds up to 8. Split them and place these numbers of books to the left and right.
eg: top shelf put 6 on the left and 2 on the right.

Once done a door way opens to reveal....

Part 7

Finding this clue completes Part 7, you can now move on to Part 8. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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