Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Part 1

Part 1
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Guide

Chapter 1 of the game will start you off with a tutorial on the mechanics of playing. You will be guided through a few steps to collect a shovel, dig snow and open the door with a code.
Part 1

Star: shown to you on the steps.

Door code: The sticker clue tells gives you the name of the security company 'SNOW Security'
Tap to view the Winter Inn sign above the doors. You will see 4 snow flake symbols. Each has a letter from the word SNOW on it. Count the number of times each letter appears.
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Once inside you will have a task to fix the memorial photo display. Find and tap 6 photos from around the room.
You can also collect the dogs bone that is on the sofa.
Part 1

Star: In a photo frame on the right.

Give the bone to the dog to make it move off of the board on the floor.
Tap on the board that is on the floor that was under the dog. Select and place each of the 6 photos onto the side of the board.

Part 1

You now need to place the photos on the board to make them fit correctly with no gaps or overlaps.
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Tap the table in the center to open the drawer and collect some matches

Use the matches on the fire place to light one. Then use this on the candle to the left to relight it.

Now tap the bell on the counter to the right to announce your arrival.

The next task it to set the table. You need to find 3 plates, 3 napkins and 3 wine glasses in the scene.
Part 1

Star: on the pan hanging above the stove in the center.

To find the plates: Tap on the chair cushion on the chair to the left. Open the fridge on the right to find the second. Tap to open the cupboard in the center and collect the pot lid from the lower shelf. Then use this on the large pot on the stove to swap for the 3rd plate.

To find the Glasses: In the same cupboard in the center on the top shelf collect a fish bowl. Use this on the glass on the table. to replace the glass holding the fish. Take the key from the small table then use it to open the cupboard to the left of the fridge. Collect a glass from the rubbish. Tap to collect the flower pot to the left of the stove then use it on the glass with the plant in on the top right shelf.

Top find the napkins: Collect 2 from the tissue box on the floor. The second is hanging from the light fitting at the top. Tap the curtains to open then and find the final napkin.

Now tap the large table and place all of the collected items.
Part 1

Next tap the note on the table to see clues about which food everyone wants to eat. Place the correct items on each diners plates.
Solution: Part 1Show

Once done the mystery will begin and the chapter will complete. You can now move on to Part 2.
Part 1

If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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